Zeki is a very dark grey (close to black) SwiftWing, with an electric blue stripe, and his right back leg has a limp from the bandits. His horns and claws are ultramarine. His mane is dark green and black, standing straight up and stiff, along with his tail plume, and he has a scar that looks like claws raked across his face, and they swerve from his forehead to miss his eyes.


Zeki is quite tired of bandits and mutants, and because his mother taught him good manners, he's quite patient and gentle. But when he has to defend those whom he's close to, he will do it, even with his bad leg, showing he's rather protective. He's alert and cautious when it comes to new dragons, and it's not easy to get him to trust you. But if you somehow do, he'll be unwaveringly loyal and compassionate.


He hatched in the desert, and his mother was with him. She raised him, and explained to him that his father was killed by bandits, and she taught him everything a young dragonet should know in this world. He grew up to 7 when his mother died, and he's been living on his own since. But when he was 8, at night some bandits found him and injured him, but he fought back and he killed them, thus making him weary and difficult for him to trust other dragons.




  • loves to make music


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