Background Information
Creator Soi-Ke
Main Attribute Conviction, Devotion, All-consuming obsession
Theme Color Grey
Theme Animal Eastern buzzard
MBTI Personality ESTJ
Character Information
Age Immortal; appears around mid-twenties
Gender Female
Vampire Classification Regalus
Occupation Hunting vampire hunters
Tribe IceWing
Goal Serve her noble faithfully, Find her brother's killer, Eliminate vampire hunters
Residence Moonfleck
Relatives Chalu(brother;deceased), Unnamed father (deceased), Unnamed mother (unknown)
Allies Most vampires
Enemies Vampire hunters
Powers and abilities Typical regalus vampire abilities, Swordsdragonship
Ships TBD

I do not concern myself with death.

For as long as I am, death is not.

And when death is, I am not.


Yu is certainly an imposing dragoness in both stature and mannerisms. The vampire stands roughly a head taller than most of her contemporaries. This, in conjunction with her ever-present glare, renders her somewhat of an outsider, and she sticks out like a sore talon in any sort of social gathering that doesn't involve fighting. The way with which she carries herself is graceful yet rigid, and the dragoness has a habit of alienating herself with her tense mannerisms.

Yu's features are harsh, vaguely hawkish, with a sharp brow and cat-like eyes. Her speckled sea green gaze seems to glow with unnatural intensity and focus, as if she is always trying her hardest to look past you.

Yu's chipped scales are primarily of a slightly faded azure colour, with bright turquoise underscales, while her underbelly is a blue-tinted grey. Her wing-membranes are a deep navy blue, their vibrancy contrasting heavily with the pastel hue of her scales. Yu's icicle ruff is a stormy grey, and her horns and spins are a sheer black.

Yu is almost never seen without her sword and suit of plate armour on her person, only retiring of these possessions when it is absolutely necessary. These belongings are of a dark, metallic composition, almost silhouette-like in the dead of night.

A manifestation of her years of service to the vampires of Moonfleck; Yu's scales are lined with wounds, both scars and recent incisions. A notably large and deep gash runs along her left cheek. The IceWing constantly goes out of her way to make sure the cut never heals right, reopening it with her claws whenever it starts to heal. This peculiar behaviour is often theorized about by her colleagues. Yu has had the cut as long as anyone can remember. The elder vampires in the city recall that the IceWing had the wound since she first arrived in Moonfleck.


In the company of others, Yu plays the role of a silent and undoubtedly loyal instrument of the vampire nobility. She takes all and any instruction to heart and without hesitation. The IceWing allows very few emotions to show visibly, opting to hide all of it beneath her mask of hostile inapproachability and stoic conviction. She greets any attempted inquiry into her deeper thoughts and perspectives with snappy aggression, at odds with her usual malevolent calm. While few are willing to openly antagonize the IceWing, the few who do tend to take notice of her defensiveness when it comes to this subject as a cause for suspicion.

Powers and Abilities




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