Wraith is my first Chasten OC. Please do not copy or plagiarize.


Wraith is very shy and doesn't like talking to other dragons, so she usually keeps her scales camouflaged. When she moves, there's a shimmer in the air that you won't notice unless you know what to really look for. That's the only way that you'll know that Wraith is in the room. That, or you'll see her almond-shaped green eyes staring at you from the wall. Although some other dragons in the Chasten also have green eyes, hers are an unmistakable shade, like two chips of emerald with flecks of gold. But when her presence is expected, like during team meetings or other social activities, she shifts her scales to a tan color, not unlike a lighter shade of the mud in the Mud Kingdom. Swirls of green and silver sometimes appear when she's excited, but for the most part, she's learned to have her emotions not splash over onto her scales. Even so, she is in no way immune to the occasional burst of color when she is feeling a strong emotion-anger, fear, etc.

When she is uncamouflaged, you might gasp at how bedraggled and woebegotten she looks. Her scales are burnt and scarred, her ruff torn and dotted with holes, rips and tears. You learned from other Chasten members that she had a difficult past, but you couldn't imagine just how difficult it was until now. Her frame is very skinny, but that's to be expected-her past has afforded her little to no opportunities at food. Only now, after joining the Chasten, has she really had a chance to have a square meal every day. Even so, her ribs can still be seen through her scales-years of little to no food have taken their toll. You want to ask about the details, but Wraith won't answer.

Wraith usually will wear a T-shirt and jeans, with a jacket when it gets colder. For training sessions, she'll wear a leather uniform-she's one of the only dragons that takes training sessions seriously.

Unlike most other dragons of the Chasten, she has no notable features or deformities. Instead, she seems like just another dragon you would see on the street-albeit a slightly scarred one-until you see her walk through a wall.