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Artist Sidewalkflowers
Background Information
Creator Forge
Theme Animal Toucan (maybe?)
Theme Color Purple
Theme Song Only the Young (by Journey )
MBTI Personality ISFP-A
Keywords Artistic, Easily Stressed, Independent, Passionate, Risky.
Character Information
Age 7 (dragon) 14 (human)
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Tribe Hybrid(Night/Rain)
Relatives Lightmaker (NightWing, mother), Kapok (RainWing, father)
Allies Raindancer
Enemies None, as of now.
Likes Peace, Quiet, Being mostly unnoticed.
Dislikes Annoying dragons, bugs, being the center of attention.
Powers Slight camouflage.
Weaknesses No venom, weaker fire.
Weapons Fire.
Ships None, as of now. (Hehehehe)
Quote None yet.


As of right now, Windcatcher is at the Rainforest of Pyrrhia, in an AU where Darkstalker actually dies, instead of being put to sleep.

Thus, JMA exists, and the SandWing War of Succession happened, nothing relating to Darkstalker existing in recent times has happened. The NightWings are still afraid of him.


But I like being this color!

Windcatcher has more of a NightWing build than a RainWing's, but she isn't as heavyset a a typical NightWing.

She prefers to be a dark, dark purple, close to black. Her underscales are a lighter shade of purple than her overscales, and they tend to fluctuate in color more.

She has fangs, although they don't do anything besides be sharp teeth

Windcatcher has a RainWing frill, (even if it's quite a bit smaller than normal) and this is usually a shade of purple persimmon.

Her horns are short and slender, usually a pale white.

She has the circular scales that RainWings have, and these are always deep purple, no matter what color the rest of her is.

Her tail is long, and not quite as prehensile as a normal RainWing's tail. (ie It bends, although to a lesser degree.)

Her lack of venom has caused her trouble several times in the past, but nothing too serious. Since the arrival of Queen Glory there hasn't been much need for the venom tests to figure out who's related to who.

As much as Windcatcher often wishes she had venom she's glad she can change her her scales, even if there aren't many colors she can change too.

Windcatcher can breath fire, albeit a cooler fire than most NightWings. It doesn't matter much, as fire is still fire.

She has no NightWing powers, despite being born in the light of one moon. This is most likely do to her being a hybrid.

She can camouflage to shades of deep purple and black/dark grey.


Where to next?

Windcatcher is a relatively calm dragonet, but is sort of spurned by the NightWings, as she is a hybrid.

She isn't exactly an extrovert, but she isn't shy either, willing to get to know someone if they don't annoy her. Windcatcher has a slight temper, and annoying commentary can irritate her.

Windcatcher admires Queen Glory's ability to lead two tribes with relative success, and her self-control.

When angry she shuts down, and ignores people. Fortunately for her, it only takes about 1-3 hours to get back to normal. She may be sensitive to the subject for awhile longer.

She isn't above taking a look at the answers, as much as she prefers figuring it out herself.

She's passionate about the things she likes, willing to defend them even if she knows they're incorrect. It takes her awhile to get used to changes to her more deep set ideas.

Once focused on something Windcatcher tends to get caught up in the moment, leaving everything else behind.

She doesn't disapprove of thievery, especially if it helps her and a friend out.

She enjoys taking risks, like stealing or camping out in the middle of nowhere in the Rainforest.

"Why?", "How?", and "What if?" tend to be her favorite questions.


I never knew that there could be so many places out there, just waiting to be found.

Early Childhood

Ages 1-4

Windcatcher was born in the NightWing village, to a NightWing named Lightmaker. Her father, Kapok, was in the RainWing village at the moment.

Windcatcher spent most of her time at the NightWing Village, making brief excursions to the RainWing village. Seeing her father was her primary goal, although escaping from the daily life of her birthplace was also a reason to go there.

The young NightWings scorned her, as the young will. Windcatcher took most of it in stride, although sometimes she lashes out at them. Sometimes she stole small objects from them, as a sort of revenge, but usually she fought it out. In the end almost always losing.

She doesn't hate them, although their constant scorn is irritating. She knows why they do it and wishes they would stop. She has one NightWing friend.

Late Childhood

Ages 5-6

As Windcatcher grew up she gained a few more friends, earned a few more scratches and temporarily got kicked out of both the NightWing village and the RainWing village.

She spent more time in the RainWing village, and took classes there, as was sanctioned by Queen Glory. She enjoyed her classes, seeing them as ways to see the outside world before leaving the Rainforest.

She and Raindancer would, as a habit, see who could get their work done fastest, and then do something that person wanted. Windcatcher would occasionally steal a scroll with the information on it, and then almost always share the scroll with Raindancer.

Windcatcher, Raindancer, and the various NightWing and RainWing students have formed small groups similar to winglets, as a form of competition. Windcatcher's group often sends her off to inspect the opposing teams work, as it wouldn't do to let them get ahead.


Ages 7-Present

Windcatcher is still in the rainforest, although she is almost ready to leave. Glory's reign has been peaceful despite a few outbursts from the NightWings. Windcatcher didn't take sides in the few conflicts, partly because she's half RainWing, but mainly because she believes that the NightWings got themselves into this situation. And they should get themselves out. Peacefully.

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