sleepy's format code testing ground

also test for some blacier writing thing

i might use this code for future writing bc it cool and nice

my attempt at a diary-esque collection of thoughts by glacier as well s some fluff??


i can still smell her frangipani perfume, and it lingered in my mouth like the bitter taste of gin except it was much more pleasant and sweet and it was as, if not more, intoxicating than the former (and perhaps more than it ever will be).

i remember her timid smile and gentle eyes and her just peachy scales and i do very much wish that i could hold her delicate talons between mine again but i don't know if she has any more interest in me than a close comrade

a friend  ?


"Glacier?" Her soft voice rang like church bells in the air, filling my head with cotton, light and airy and empty.

I very quickly closed my leather-bound journal, its heavy pages collapsing onto itself with a dull thud. I know for certain that, because the ink had not yet had adequate time to let dry, my minute handwriting would be smeared, and I felt a gut-twinge of dismay and slight annoyance towards no one in particular but myself.

She must have noticed this, for she promptly asked in her smooth, mellow voice:

"Is something the matter?"

I chuckle, shaking my head slightly at her almost childish personality.

"No, my dear, continue on with your business."

She complied, and again I was left to my own bidding, alone and lonely. I sighed and reopened the journal, not one bit surprised to find the page stuck together.


i love her singsong laugh, light and silvery like those exotic little wind chimes that she had often times brought to me from the sand kingdom.


i admire her naivety. she is so pure and untainted by the horrors of war i must protect her

i love her like

cordial feelings are addictive.



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