Truthseeker is DragonSage1331's OC. Plagiarize or copy and I will send Starflight to bore you to death.

Dragon Model
Background information
Creator DragonSage1331
Main Attribute
Elemental Attribute
Theme Animal Black Cat
Theme Color
Theme Song "Just Dance"-Lady Gaga
MBTI Personality
Character information
Age 18 (dragon years)

22 (human years)

Gender Female
Occupation singer, leader of Skyfall
Tribe NightWing
Goal Help her sister's war on crime, become famous all over Pyrrhia
Residence The big city
Relatives Mother-Futureholder (deceased)

Father-Mindhealer (deceased) Sister-Braveheart

Allies Braveheart, her two MudWing bodyguards
Enemies People who hate her music, the press
Likes Singing, being able to help Braveheart, a good turnout at a concert
Dislikes Dragons who hate her music, not being able to help the people she cares about, the press in general
Powers and abilities NightWing powers, a weak mind-reading ability, trained in claw-to-claw combat by Braveheart
Weapons hidden switchblade
Quote "Think I'm helpless? Well, you've got another thing coming."


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