Tiger is Kitagon's dragonsona. Please do not use her without permission.

You probably don't know who I am. You probably don't care who I am. It shouldn't matter; I'm just another RainWing, you can easily ignore me. But you'll probably just stare at me, wondering who that weird little dragon is. Welcome to my life.

Background Information
Creator Kitagon
Main Attribute Shyness
Elemental Attribute Water or Nature
Theme Animal Hyena, Tiger, Corgi
Theme Color Blues, yellows, and greens
Theme Song "Towards The Sun"- Rihanna
Character Information
Age Classified
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual
Occupation Student
Tribe RainWings
Goal type here
Residence Silverbay City
Relatives Her family
Allies Eiffel, Panda, Monkey
Enemies None; Constantly feels as if everyone hates her or wants her to leave
Likes Wontons, eating, drawing, writing, gaming
Dislikes Large crowds, being the reject, messing stuff up
Powers and abilities Normal RainWing Abilities
Weapons Claws, venom, teeth
Ships None
Quote "Dat visual doe."

"My sole purpose is to be a punching bag for everyone else."



"I'm not special. I'm just a reject."


She hates large groups, often forgets what she is saying, and hates pretty much everything you'd expect a High School girl to like.

Meet Tiger, your local reject.

Her self esteem is low- not completely gone, no, but low. She always asks herself what she is doing wrong, why the other dragons won't talk to her, why she can't make friends. Tiger thinks that everything is her fault, and is quite emotional- although she manages to hide it.

However, you'd think that everything above is a lie when you get to know the real Tiger. When with friends, this young RainWing opens up greatly, and becomes an extremely social dragoness, often making weird jokes and silly comments.

This is the only time that she forgets about her sad and shy hue.

"I've never really played any sports, but I guess I'm pretty good at tennis."



"My introverted personality isn't really getting me far in life.'"


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"I'd like to go to college, but it's rather expensive these days."



"I often feel envious towards others- probably because I'd like to be anyone but myself."