Based off of the Hunger Games and the work of Suzanne Collins.

Created by Kit.

I'll try to give more detail.


The History of the Games

Several centuries after the events of The Dragonet Prophecy, a relentless chain of wars began between the reigning queens, each wanting something from the other- whether it be more territory, not enough food, or even the smallest of things such as stolen jewelry and unpleasant conversations going from bad to worse.

Thousands of causalities occurred during these events, causing the citizens to become restless and worried for their safety, which eventually lead them to rebel against their leaders and the armies that stood with them.

For the first few months, most of the rebels were killed off, and soon the revolt had died down completely. The wars continued for the following three years, until the queens finally met at a peace conference, hoping that they could negotiate and prevent further damage.


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