they/her• Other • sea/rain • ❤️
Name 📰 📋

base by aprilsilverwolf

🛂 Creator User:Spix227 📒 ⚛️ Tribe Rain/Sea ❤️ plants, the beach, paint, sharpies, snuggles, her home, swimming, mangos, fam 💬 "you belong here. face it."
Age 5 (dy) pronouns they/her liked thing
Coder 🔨 ❤️ Orientation pansexual 💔 death, hate, unjust things
🛃 MBTI MBTI code 🏠 Paix Île island disliked thing
color silver/gold 🛠️ Occupation artist/student 💞 Netflix


Otherworldly lives up to the name. Overall her build is rather tall and more on the rainwing side. Her legs are thin and her neck is long. Her head is an exception however and is that of a seawings. Frill is like super floppy with a plastic wrap texture and is stickyish. All her scales are small and she is fairly flexible (though she is not graceful). Her horns and scales patterns (with the exception of the glow marks on her legs and stomach) are all rainwing. Colorwise Other tends to keep the same patterns quite often. Most of the time it is a lime green with dappled gold and purple spots and a galaxy like frill/ wings. Although it's not rare for her to do bright blues and purples and pink as well. Her accessories are pretty low key. Maybe a flower or a choker every now and then. Almost always wears a charm bracelet. Some feather earrings and stuff. She doesn't put much care into her appearance

Life story

♥️Was born on her small island

♥️wants too see the main lands

♥️loves parents and goes to the beach all the time

♥️meets friends at school is about 3 (dy) now

♥️friends ditch her and leave her broken

♥️finds new friends and stuff?

♥️now has a sister

♥️art stuff?


- hates cheese

- has braces and hates those

- kindda a sleepy head

- loves bubbles