Background information
Creator Proud-Dust
Main Attribute Idealistic
Elemental Attribute Sand
Theme Animal
Theme Color
Theme Song
MBTI Personality
Character information
Age 7
Gender Male
Occupation Singer
Tribe SandWings
Goal To reach where the stars fall every night (Ice Kingdom)
Residence Kingdom of Sand
Relatives Bittermaw (mother), Mahal (father)
Allies Mallow (best friend), Mahal (beloved parent)
Enemies Bittermaw (strained parent-child relationship)
Likes Dragons sharing his dreams, supportive friends, MudWings, dragonfruit, flowers, songs
Dislikes Insults to his songs and dreams, his mother's viper words, ugly dragons
Powers and abilities Ordinary SandWing abilities
Weapons A knowledge of narratives and a silver tongue.
Quote "A song! A song of a MudWing who grew to be the BigWing she was meant to be. It'll be beautiful."

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Sotol's of average height with a bright expression and easy posture, it's relaxed and open with friends, his wings hanging down carelessly like he has nothing to hide. With strangers, it's still a fair bit relaxed, despite his wings being folded. He’s a bit more guarded here. It's like it's more a matter of politeness than general manner with non-friends and non-family.

He's a bit pudgy in texture, his weight being above-average for the usual SandWing and looking reasonably fed with no noticeable muscles. He doesn't carry the build of one made for violence and hunting. His hind legs, however, are decently toned, he's more for speed and vibrant energy. He also lets his tail drag against the floor, preventing any stray dragon from getting accidentally stabbed, a habit he keeps with family, friends and strangers. He reveals a fair amount with his hung wings, his soft spine edges and there are no secrets about how plum his body can be.

His scales are off-white, carrying a flavor of baked tan from the sun. His underbelly is a soft creamy color, a thin layer of sunlight’s touch on it. It’s smooth and soft to touch and a bit showing of visible weight. His horns are tan, sticking out weird, curved and lopsided, the horns going one direction before curving one direction and coiling slightly back up, sticking out the same direction as it was at the base of the horn. His wing membranes’ the same off-white color as his scales.

He doesn’t have any physical disfigurements, but there’s a bit of weight on his cheeks. He has glittering black sclera and golden irises in his eyes that don’t look terribly menacing on him. His smile’s quite bright and comforting, like his entire face is smiling with his lips. And finally, he often ties a flower onto his horn to share wonder. A reminder of beauty that he likes to exhibit from his travels across the desert, usually a desert poppy or lily.


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