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By Bermuda

The once-bright blue sky deepened in hue, turning almost a void black. Clouds swirled above a certain point in the tiny wooded landscape inside the enclosure, sparks of lightning crackling and coming to life inside the deep rolling clouds of thunder.

A deep blue dragon with electric blue accents stood by a small pool, his cyan eyes filled with wonder. His large wings twitched, as he wanted to rise and fly in the storm. Yet he knew better. This was no normal storm.

A pitch black dragoness stepped out of the trees, her eyes narrowed and filled with anger and glowing with rage. She snarled, her blonde mane blowing softly in the freshly created wind. Her scales glittered in the brief flashes of lightning.

The dragon glanced to the storm, noticing that it was starting to swirl around her in controlled spirals. She was truly beautiful, the way she was so confident in that storm.

"My name is Black Lightning. I advise you to leave now," she hissed, her voice magnified somehow.

He raised an eye ridge at the dragoness, tilting his head to the side and spreading his majestic wings slightly so she could see his wingspan. "In Blue Thunder. And frankly, I don't see how that's possible," he responded.

Black Lightning's eyes flickered with another emotion besides rage. It was hope. "Are you...another experiment?" she asked, voice cracking on the last word. Her lightning and clouds flickered for a moment, her emotions starting to grow beyond control.

Blue Thunder nodded slowly, taking a step towards her. "Yes, I am. I just woke up in here. Last I remember, I was with my buddies Bleak and Shade in the combat training room," he said, racking his memory to find the last thing he remembered before he was transferred to the female's cage.