Background information
Creator Proud-Dust
Main Attribute Responsible
Elemental Attribute Ice
Theme Animal
Theme Color
Theme Song
MBTI Personality
Character information
Age 7
Occupation Healer, Chief-Beyond-the-Castle
Tribe IceWings
Goal To survive and live somewhere safe.
Residence Ice Kingdom
Relatives Skalling (mother), unnamed father
Allies Brand (friend?), Hoare (loyal companion)
Enemies Her mother's killer (taker of a loved one), Fror (serving her mother's killer)
Likes Small quantities of heat, safety, warm furs, herbal supplies, SkyWings(?)
Dislikes Irresponsible dragons, matricides, dragons who disregard small wounds that could get infected.
Powers and abilities Ordinary IceWing abilities
Weapons A smooth tongue and a knowledge of herbs
Quote "My mother protected me once, but then she left and... I wish to keep you all as safe as I was."

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