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Dragon Model
Background Information
Creator Simmer
Main Attribute Rebelliousness
Elemental Attribute Fire
Theme Animal Snake
Theme Color Mustard Yellow
Theme Song Wip
Character Information
Age 10 human Years
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual
Occupation Gang Member
Tribe Sandwing
Goal Eliminate all rules
Residence Foxtail
Allies Shootout gang
Enemies 70% Of dragons
Likes Stealing, playing violin ( a secret) Shooting things
Dislikes Blue, being told shes breaking the rules, rules
Powers and abilities Really good with a gun, fast flier
Weapons A small gun on a chain around her neclk + regular
Ships Wip
Quote "Touch my gun will ya huh? How 'bout I touch it to your head? Hm? Dont want that? Me either, I just cleaned it."

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Creator Simmer
Infobox Artist Simmer
Aliases Succ
Main Attribute Optimism
Elemental Attribute Sun
Spirit Animal Fennec Fox
Theme Color Orange
Theme Song(s) The Greatest by Sia
MBTI Personality later
Age 8 Dragon Years
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Wandering Merchant
Tribe SandWing
Goal Buy a small cottage one day
Residence No set residence
Relatives Mother, Father, twin sister
Allies .
Enemies .
Likes Sunshine, succulents, cacti, plants in general, dragons who dance with her, dancing, singing
Dislikes Swimming, fear and sadness, jealousy, card games, sitting still
Powers and abilities Regular SandWing abilities
Weaknesses Not at all athletic, gullible, too trusting
Weapons Regular + a small, twisted black dagger
Ships None
Quote “You succ. Get it?”

This OC belongs to Simmer! Please do not reference or take ANYTHING from this page, coding included!


Succulent is a tall female SandWing, not possesing any particularly special features that would make her stick out in a crowd, but it’s the little things that make her different. Her scales are a sunset orange darkening to a sandy brown at her tail tip. Her face is thin and almost bony, with small green eyes that stare at yours and hold a gaze. Her wings are the same pale tan as her sail, with an orange smudge on the centre. Succulent is covered with small white freckles, and the tip of her snout is a pale yellow.

Succulent stands at about one and a half times the average height for a female SandWing. She is built a little chubby around her middle, and is not at all shameful of that. Her talons are small compared to her legs, and they taper very quickly from her knee. Succulent has a tail that bends sharply twice at the end, due to a malfunction in her bone structure. Her barb still works, it just has less manoeuvre room.

Succulent will often wear a red bandana with a heart sewn on around her neck, and a leather bag where she carries small goods to sell. Sometimes, if it is sweltering hot, Succ will be seen wearing a broad sun hat. She isn’t a dragon to wear jewellery.


sona: Fogdash


Image here

hey there! my name is simmer! i'm the wiki’s resident dragon nerd, and i really love to draw and chat to you guys! i spend my time drawing, making characters, writing and being on chat!

i'm a pretty happy person, and i use caps lock at times! i can be very.. excitable, but usually it's just me having a bit of fun! i'm female and my favourite colour is purple. My favourite OC is simmer, but she is not my sona, surprisingly! you may know me as simmer-the-skywing, and that's my old account!

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