• biologically female nightwing
  • scales are very light due to the presence of leucism
    • primary scales are a silver spotted with darker grays
    • underscales are dark gray
    • outer wings are a dark gray
    • inner wings are light gray with white flecks
    • claws, horns, and spines are thick and white
      • horns are rigged and slightly jagged
  • light gray-blue eyes
  • dark blue half-circle on her right shoulder
  • brown, patched leather satchel
  • generally mistaken for a hybrid or even an odd-looking full blooded icewing
  • stout and muscular
    • short tail
    • thick snout and neck

  • tends to act apathetic and stern
  • doesn't talk unless it's necessary
  • has a loud, barking laugh that is rarely heard
  • generally a mother figure to the young dragonets in her reserve

  • was born to two wealthy nightwings
  • parents didn't want her due to her odd appearance; father accused mother of cheating on him with a dragon from another tribe and mother thought that an unusual-looking daughter would ruin her image
  • daughter ended up being placed for adoption days after hatching
  • was soon adopted by an icewing dragoness named Caribou
  • dragonet was named Silverwings and grew up with Caribou within the Ice Kingdom in a small fishing town
  • tbd