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Background information
Creator Soi-Ke
Infobox Artist Soi-Ke
Main Attribute Hopeful optimism, Being ignored
Elemental Attribute Space
Theme Color Blue and red
Theme Animal Ruby-throated hummingbird
Theme Song Winter Bird-AURORA
Character information
Age 16(human)
Gender Female
Orientation Ambiguous
Occupation Gin Chi camper
Tribe DeathWing
Goal Master her abilities, Make as many friends as possible
Residence Camp Gin Chi
Relatives Dōkerech(father)
Allies Most other campers
Enemies Some other campers
Likes Flying, Telling the worst puns, Watching anime, Sunny days
Dislikes Silence, Nighttime
Powers and abilities TBD (won't be too drastically different so plot holes don't happen in the rps)
Weapons TBD (won't be too drastically different so plot holes don't happen in the rps)
Ships  ;)
Quote "Its easy to smile if you have a reason to."

"Maybe I could make everyone smile, if they just gave me the chance."

Shio belongs to Soi-Ke. Please ask for permission to use her

"The only cure for vanity is laughter, and the only fault that is laughable is vanity."

"[insert quote here]'"


Nobody would blame you for thinking Shio is the slightest bit strange. The DeathWing understands that she's an oddball.

And she hates it.

At a first glance, her stance is carefree and confident, but this illusion is betrayed by spending any significant amount of time with her. Shio's seeming credence is a bluff, nothing more. The slight shaking of her legs, the sweat on her palms, all serve as testament to this attempt to block out her inner insecurities.

Her grey-scaled frame is lithe and athletic, and she's definitely on the short side for her age. Shio is prone to being mocked for this. She often finds herself looking up at her fellow campers, in more ways than one.

Shio doesn't care much about her attire; whatever works is good enough for her. She does prefer blues and reds though, and whenever possible she'll wear a particular dirtied, white raincoat. This peculiar coat is frayed and worn, yet Shio is very protective of it. It's comically oversized, with it often dragging on the ground behind the DeathWing.

Her mask is really nothing special for a DeathWing. It's vaguely yellowed and cracked, but well maintained. Shio has taken it upon herself to paint several of her father's symbols upon her brow.

Shio's features are notably hawk-like and sharp, with some mannerism of regality in her face. Her eyes are mismatched, one a deep sapphire and the other a blood-like shade of crimson. They stand out, almost glowing from beneath her mask, contrasting heavily with her muted teal-grey underbelly and greyish black scales.

While impossible to see from more than a few feet away, closer inspection reveals red and blue lines, crisscrossing and arcing along the black membrane of her rather short wings. The markings flare up and glow with emotional outbursts.

"It's.... it's my fault isn't it?'"


"[insert quote here]'"


"[insert quote here]'"


"[insert quote here]'"


"[insert quote here]'"


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