"I don't think he enchanted it right.'"



A dark bronze hybrid. Animus powers. A brilliant idea... yet an untimely death.

My name's Driftwood, and I'm from the hood



Half An Ocean -

Driftwood is seen here as an egg which is stolen by Scylla.. For most of the course of the fanfic, the egg is in Scylla's possession.

Animus Asylum Part Two Reality Shifts -

Driftwood enchants a necklace to stop the drainage of his soul. After a few days Wasp follows, enchanting a ring, but incorrectly. Wasp still goes insane, and thanks to the murderous lust the enchantment of the necklace left on Driftwood, Driftwood is determined to kill Wasp to protect his mother.

Burn My World

Here, Driftwood is now the traveling companion of Searing. He Is killed in the fanfic when Heaven snaps his neck.

I'm half SeaWing, my mother is Searing



Driftwood is a dark bronze hybrid. His under scales are tan, and he has a green frill with blue horns and tail barb. Being half SeaWing, he has gills running down his neck. Beside his right eye is a golden diamond shape. Also, under his wings are diamonds with spirals.

I'm animus, put my powers in a necklace



Driftwood is sweet, nervous, and caring. That was before the necklace took some of his soul. Driftwood has a murderous lust to protect his mother, and would kill.

But you can't touch me, I'm the Wings of Sand and Sea!