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  • Way in future
  • lots of technological advances
  • pyrrhia is now run by one giant corrupt government
    • because of global warming, they use a device that controls it so pyrrhia doesn't turn into a desert (hint hint)
  • Many nearby planets have been terraformed and are habitable, and inhabited
  • As expected, pyrrhia runs out of materials
    • dragons flee to other planets filled with materials and bring as much as possible.
      • this results in a lot of cities being stripped from metal and other ground-mined items
  • not all dragons got the memo, many left behind
  • because of scrappers stealing metal to bring to other planets, security becomes scarce, and some idiot breaks the device that maintains global warming
    • since machine pushed the heat up into the atmosphere and kept it there, it all came down and turned pyrrhia into one giant desert, making the sand kingdom spread past its boundaries
      • All the heat resulted in a lot of water being evaporated, making pyrrhia larger and the ice kingdom habitable
  • since the government is a b*tch they hog the ice kingdom and make sure no one else is allowed in, leaving everyone left to rot in the desert
  • government plans to rebuild the machine and make it only control the heat in the ice kingdom because they are still b*tches and they think the rest of pyrrhia is unsavable

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Lunar Eclipse Dragons

Habitat: Alpine

Breed: Eastern

Rarity: Rare

Elemental Affinity: Dark

BSA: None

Hatchling: Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It has small tufts of fur on the side of its head.

Mature Hatchling: Aww... It's a cute baby dragon. It has small tufts of fur on the side of its head. And look! It's grown small wings. It must be close to maturing.

Adult: Lunar Eclipse dragons are a rather elusive breed, only coming out when a lunar eclipse is happening. After it stops, they retreat back into the unknown, disappearing into the depths of the alpines yet again. Nobody has ever been able to follow them, as they disappear in a snow storm on the way, erasing their tracks and any evidence of their dens.