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Risk is the SandWing governor of Foxtail and founder of Shootout! She belongs to me, Day! Please don't use her without permission!
Background Information
Creator Daybreak
Main Attribute Deception
Elemental Attribute Sand
Theme Animal Rattlesnake
Theme Color Dusty yellows
Theme Song
Character Information
Age 36 years (human)
Gender Female
Orientation Demi-Pan
Occupation Governor of Foxtail
Tribe SandWings
Goal Wipeout crimes
Residence Foxtail
Relatives Mother, father, older brother
Allies Classified
Enemies Classified
Likes Order, having power, dragons obeying her, jewelry, looking fancy, SandWings, purebreds, authority
Dislikes Disorder, not being able to control chaos, disobedience, grime, hybrids, other tribes, her authority being questioned
Powers and abilities Normal SandWing powers (ex. fire, hearing), Governor of Foxtail, Mistress of Shootout
Weapons Fire, barb, classified
Quote "I don't mingle with filthy halfbreeds."


A SandWing of lovely colors, it's hard not to stare at this stunning dragoness, usually holding her fancy smoke holder in her talon, dressed in beautiful clothes of silk dresses, coats of heavy velvet, and exquisite scarves of feathers, even furs of desert animals.

Sporting dazzling arrays of necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, it appears quite evident that the governor of Foxtail is wealthy, whether by honest or dishonest deeds.

Risk consists of pastel sunset colors, colorful and playful orange flicking up her frill and wings, and even, violet eyes placed atop her snout. Even without clothing, this SandWing is still fetching and lovely. It's hard to spot a flaw in Risk, but look into her eyes, and you might think twice before trusting this dragoness.


Almost like her appearance, Risk is honey sweet to newcomers, always offering a talon shake after introduction or offering a meal to her guests. Charming at heart and with swift wit, she can swoon anyone into her talons, even gaining trust and completing her promises at a wave of her tail. Beneath her charming, delicate ways, you can never know who to trust when you turn your back.

With her foes and others that saw through the lovely surface of her gimmick, Risk is cold-hearted, snappy, rude, and ruthless, willing to snap the neck of a good friend just to keep her enemies back in order. She rules by fear to her enemies, and the SandWing will go out of her way to make sure that nobody will sass her. If you're a hybrid, be prepared to be treated like trash.

With someone as devious, cruel, and cunning as she is, it's quite fitting that she's the leader of not only Foxtail, but also the cruelest group in the town, Shootout.


Like the rest of her tribe, Risk has a poisoned barb on her tail, which is tucked in neatly when greeting, but flashed out and poised to her enemies. But all and all, for simple minded people, it's pretty hard to believe that one as beautiful as Risk could be a fighter without scars (most dragons that have been in a fight more than once will have a scar of some sort). Risk will use her mind more than her strength, which is often.

Gifted with a silver tongue of deception, the dragoness will always find a way to charm and woo her way out of trouble, usually putting a great act of humbleness and regret. It usually goes well with someone with a pretty doll face.



  • Risk has a mix between a southern and high class accent
  • dragons don't know why she dislikes hybrids