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Once upon a time, there was a small dog named Scruffy who belonged to one of my close friends. Let's call my friend... "Hampshire". Hampshire threw Scruffy down a cliff with a goldfish in a bowl. The bowl exploded and Scruffy ate the fish. The Cliff exploded. Then the fish exploded inside Scruffy, causing Scruffy to explode as well. Then Hampshire caught Scruffy. Scruffy landed in a fishbowl. There was a goldfish in there. Scruffy exploded. He reincarnated into a cell phone because he was a time lord. Hampshire dropped her new phone down the stairs. The phone exploded. The stairs exploded. Born from the phone was a small dog named Scruffy. Scruffy's soul was transferred into another friend of mine. She turned into Scruffy. Scruffy and Hampshire began to fight. My friend appered and we had to seperate Scruffy and Hampshire before they did things to each other that aren't PG. Scruffy fell off a cliff and exploded. Then Scruffy landed in a goldfish bowl...


(ewwww my profile is so boring oCo)

Hi, I'm Resa! I love the WoF series and I'm currently reading nothing, but I've gotta read something soon, you know? I also love to draw (I'm a noob and not that good though) and I would be glad to do art trades (if you want but watevs)

I like to consider myself pretty friendly, I guess, and I can relate to a lot of things. I'm kinda sorta my own sort of therapist, so yep .u,

If you need to catch me on chat, good luck. I'm kind of on and off, but sometimes I'll join into a conversation.

Um, what else? Aaagh I forgot what I was editing this page for x.x

Um it'll come to me


juuust a secondddd


Oki this is my face


Because like in chat whenever I say something it's lik



If there's any creepy stalkers out there who want to know even more about me, hre you go .u.

I'm a proud member of the Warriors Fanon Wiki, created by GRW.

And also, Luster here is my amazing Buddy, so make sure you thank her sometime or other for being the awesome person she is. c=


Guess what:

I'm Female.



Therefore I am Iron Man.

My frenz!

Please add your name if you think of me as a friend! Everyone is welcome to add their name so as long as you're here, might as well put yourself right here! Donut worry because I consider everyone a friend even if I have no idea who you are!




Just add thyself below and Resa of C-ness will give her best opinion about thee!

Oh Waffy, how would you feel if I joined you in the corner? But for reals, you're cool! Like, cool cool! Especially since you're, like, a waffle that I am friends with. Seriously, many of your brethren are so antisocial, you know? .O. But overall, I feel like you're just an awesome guy to be around. I've been wanting to tell you something for a while—Georgia really does matter... But in all, you are definitely 45% friendly, 15% outgoing, 25% creative, and 15% defensive. so to speak. XP

Ahh, the one and only friendly pyromaniac! *clap clap clap* How ya been? Of course, you can't answer me right now, so I'll just talk about you. .u, I think you're so fun and very friendly. I love your artwork—so cute! You're always there to help someone up when they fall. I'm glad you're so open to everyone. And plus, randomness is the key to Resa's heart! Here, how bout you give these spoons to Mac for me while you hide in the spoon cabinet? Here ya go .u, *chucks spoons everywhere* may the spoons of life light your path.....

¿What? A wolf of wind with a stardust coat and a bag of gadgets?? My mind just blew up! Anyway, I don't really know you well (yet), but you seem like an awesome person! Plus, you can join the join day club, with me and Outclaw (even though you joined a day earlier... shhhh....) I love that you love my art! =D You're really nice, from what I can tell—you just seem like an overall really good person. ou-

Happyyyyy! Glad you added yourself here because, I just want to tell you thank you. You've helped me see the good things. Okay, now that we're finished with the deep(ish) stuff, I'm gonna tell you all about what I think about you! I think you're so darn fun to be around! You are so understanding and just, well, happy. I love that you do all you can to try and apply a cheery air to the situation.

Heyheyhey, it's the most amazing Nathia Safira I know! I think you're so great to be with! I admire how accepting and generous you are. I think you're so talented! Like, you're really good at art, you know? But that's not all. From what I can tell, you're honest, giving, smart (I'm starting to sound like my mom oCo), and friendly! And awesome, did I mention awesome?

Hi Theend! Just before I tell you that I like your profile picture, just let me say that you are cool! So anyway, I haven't really gotten the chance to get to know you real well yet, but sometime I'll do that. and I thought you were a girl when i joined, SOOo.. But so far, you just seem great! Like, you're accepting of what goes on around you, and you readily help people whenever they need it .u,

How's my profile so far? Is it a ridiculous mess or what?

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  • My favorite colors are, as follows:

1) Seafoambluegreen

2) Glitter

3) Lavender

  • I used to play cello for 4 or 5 years, but now I'm teaching myself viola.
  • I have a 15-year-old cat named Nikki ( )
  • I have a fancy yellow parakeet named Chico
  • I have an amazingly cute bunny who destroys everything named Teddy
  • I have a betta fish who likes to bite fingers and cupcakes named Finalina
  • I have a super cute bearded dragon named Tweaky Ilalia Von Sprinkles III, or Tivsiii
  • I have awesome rolly skillz (is still a nub at rolling straight)
  • I haven't read MR yet (weird, right?)
  • It's against the rules to wear matching socks
  • My fuzzy socks are boss
  • I draw kind of okay
  • HTTYD3 is coming out in 2017 (not about me but whatever)
  • Just now I found a paper towel on the couch shaped like a carrot
  • Thor lives in the attic of my school
  • I'm a cloud goddess
  • Hot cookies are bae
  • Bae means poop in Dutch
  • Hot cookies aren't poop, but they burn your mouth
  • I am a random facts queen
  • Giraffes' horns are called ossicones
  • Sporange is a real word that rhymes with orange (it's part of the base of a fern)
  • I'm making too much trivia
  • I am the oldest of 10—wait, 9 siblings
  • I once swallowed one of those giant frozen strawberries whole
  • I can do lots of cool stuff
  • I have an Idahoan/western-ish accent (It's kinda light though)
  • Fliper is the best ship
  • I'm a huuuuuuge geeeeeek when it comes to Warriors and WoF

My Fanfictions (and other ridiculous stories)

Wings of Fire: Rise of the Seven: I'm working on this one. It should be done in a while.

Auklet's Story: I'm not currently adding more to this one. Maybe I'll get to it eventually.

Wonderful Story about the Princess named Mdjocmwjofk,ms: Read if you dare...

Wonderful Story about a Princess named Mdjocmwjofk,ms AGAIN: MUAHAHAHA

Resa's Sonnets: YESHH

Maletention and Darkness Among the Mud: Working on these two with CrystalDragon

File:Though cat.jpg

Critical Condition: Working on this collab with Fear and Outclaw

Sei's Vent: . . .

Other things I may have forgotten to mention





Drawing dragons

Doing rad stunts on mah rolly wheelz


Other animals

Charlotte, my pet scotoplanes (given to me by a friend (name undisclosed (it's Avi)))


The color seafoambluegreen


Being annoyed intentionally


The color blech


Anything with tomatoes except salsa

Those people—you know, the super judgey people that gossip and bring other people down and have no hearts basically .u.

Possible Quirks837827:$82837

Quirks? What quirks?????!!!! <HOW DARE YOU!!!! *runs to a corner and eats fried herring*

My Favorite Quotes





Nothing is impossible.

Except for stapling Jell-O to a tree.

That's impossible.

If something bad happens to you, just yell "PLOT TWIST!!" and move on.

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.

I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

The shin bone is a highly complex device used for finding furniture in a dark room.

People mistake the word "impossible" for not ever being able to be done. But seriously, it says "I'm possible" in the word itself!

Dogs always feel very strongly about coming along to ride in your car with you, in case the need arises for them to bark very loudly and violently right in your ear.

I'm not clumsy! The floor just hates me, and the chairs and table are bullies, and the walls just get in my way.

If you fall, I'll always be there to catch you. --Floor

You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.

Love your enemies. It makes them so freaking mad.

If you think nothing is impossible, you have obviously never tried slamming a revolving door.

When you hold a hammer in your hand, everything around you starts to looks like a nail.

Don't press your luck, you might pop it.

Whether you give a crap or don't give a crap, nobody wants crap anyway!

There is a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore like an idiot.



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Pay no attention to this crap behind the curtain

Good? Okayish? Sucky?

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