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Quagga the SandWing is a SandWing who lived in the time of Darkstalker. He is the father of Jerboa. And like Jerboa, Quagga is an animus.


Quagga was another SandWing in the "animus" line. They weren't royalty, nor treated like it, but they were noticed. Quagga's Known Ancestors include Coyote, Armadillo, and Lizard. Quagga and Jerboa look alike except Jerboa has more stripes than he does. This is why they deemed Jerboa a fugitive. Quagga and Jerboa were in a fight. All of a sudden Quagga became insane and killed Jerboa. Quagga was able to snap out of it but all the SandWing thought that Quagga was Jerboa and tried to chase him. Thus deemed a fugitive.


Quagga is an overall tan color with red stripes in the front.

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