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A Worldbuilding Project by Kittyluvver.

the dawn of a new age

There once came a time when cities burned. When a war like no other brought chaos in its wake, when radioactive rain fell from the heavens to bathe the land in cleansing flame, when sea and sky alike choked gray with ash, when dragons died by their huddled thousands. There came a time when the world fell to ruin.

So came the apocalypse, the twilight of dragonkind.

And yet dragons survived, finding a way like they always had. When the land became too radioactive and blighted to inhabit, the most fortunate remnants of society fled belowground, into an enormous vault-city safe within the depths of the earth. 

So entombed, they would survive. They would not repeat the mistakes of the past. They would learn to live, to thrive, to create a society so perfect, so steady and strong, that it could never fail. And when the time was right, they would emerge, return to the surface, bringing salvation to the wastes above. They would be the harbingers of Pyrrhia's new and glorious dawn.

Below the blasted, fallen land lies the cavernous Vault #3, Project Elysium's dark utopia, the final hope of dragonkind.

one among many

Vault #3, also known as Project Elysium, has evolved into something of a social experiment. Painfully aware that they are one of the last bastions of draconic life left on the planet, the residents of Elysium have created a society that values efficiency above all else. Resources are thin, and therefore efficiency is essential to survival. And survival is critical if the vault is to fulfill its ultimate purpose and one day return dragonkind to the skies above.

Determined never to repeat the mistakes that led the Great War and the ensuing nuclear disaster, Elysian society is defined by a strict and absolute caste system.

a city without sky

Vault #3, built and designed to house around a thousand dragons in the event of a nuclear disaster, is effectively an underground city. As centuries have gone by since the Last Day, the community has expanded to around two thousands residents in the current day. To keep up with the population growth, the dragons have excavated further and deeper into the bedrock below.

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