Princess Wilhelmina-Elizabeth-Caroline-Carlotta of Dragonfire
Dragon Model
Background information
Creator Maple
Main Attribute Happiness
Elemental Attribute
Theme Animal
Theme Color
Theme Song
MBTI Personality
Character information
Age Supposedly 113 years (dragons of Dragonfire don't die of old age)
Gender Female
Occupation Princess, singer/songwriter (secretly)
Tribe RainWing
Goal To be the best RainWing with musical talents ever without annoying Princess duties
Residence Kelly's House (secretly), the Royal Palace of Dragonfire
Relatives Queen Amethystia of Dragonfire, King Ambrosianottolo of Dragonfire, Princess Crystellia of Dragonfire, and Prince Flame "Boringflame Rustysnout" of Dragonfire, Marietta
Allies The Royal Kingdom of Dragonfire, the Royal Family of Dragonfire, all her fans
Enemies The dragons of their rival kingdom, The Alliance of Annoying Bucketheads (called that by Dragonfire dragons), actually the Rebel Alliance Against the Reign of Useless RainWings (R.A.A.R.U.R.)
Likes Everything that either likes her, is family, or she is fond of
Dislikes Everything that either dislikes her, is an annoying buckethead, and things that are completely creepy and disgusting
Powers and abilities Changing colors
Weapons Venom
Quote "What's your problem, Crystellibucketheada? My business is my business, go poke your snout in Boringflame Rustysnout's boring old business. Where is he??? IN THE FREAKING LIBRARY! God, what I have to do to get rid of Crystellia."
She is a RainWing.


About 113 years from 2015 Princess Wilhelmina-Elizabeth-Caroline-Carlotta of Dragonfire was born. Preferring Mina, Lizzie, Beth, Lina, Carol, or Lotta, she experienced an excruciatingly annoying (and particularly boring) dragonethood. When she was 10 years old she experienced for the first time her longing to become a singer/songwriter. Her parents greatly disapproved and kept her in Dragonfire Royal School.

When she turned 14 her sister Rubietta Sapphirette left and they didn't meet again until when Wilhelmina-Elizabeth-Caroline-Carlotta turned 15. They met at a royal party, where Rubietta Sapphirette had turned into a completely different dragon, the singer/songwriter Marietta. This inspired Wilhelmina-Elizabeth-Caroline-Carlotta to assume the secret identity of Kelly Maroonflight, and she and Marietta formed a duo band called Merli.

When Merli's producer Glynn Welfare suggested Kelly get a permanent tattoo like Marietta, Kelly objected, saying that 'she hadn't truly left her life as a Princess of Dragonfire' and that if she just color-shifted into tattoos the rest of her family wouldn't know she was also Kelly Maroonflight.

Every fourth year Marietta and Kelly went solo to perform with their own separate bands. Kelly got her own cottage and did a major album-signing one summer. When Merli re-formed, Marietta and Kelly brought in their first two backups, Rainbow and Cupcake.

At 20, Kelly was forced to leave Merli for a span of three years to go to Royal College and Merli disbanded. When Wilhelmina-Elizabeth-Caroline-Carlotta had left Dragonfire's Royal College at 23, she had to find Marietta, Rainbow, and Cupcake. Marietta was doing a duet Raiiot with Rainbow and Cupcake had left for the Samplifony Islands. Raiiot disbanded and discontinued, and Merli was reformed, with the addition of guitarist Emmy and drummer Elliot.

Merli fans had moved on to Raiiot and when Raiiot disbanded to re-form Merli the fans went with them. Soon the hit College L00sRz caused Merli's rise back into fame. Merli is continued as of yet, but may or may not be discontinued due to Crystellia's rise on the throne due to the palace's attackers, but Kelly moved on from her old life and left the palace permanently.

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