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the Universe is a gentle lady.
stardust scales and moonbeam eyes,
her wings fold to protect swirling Galaxies and
she guides countless ghosts, to Death

Part I

the End will always come,
the End of a life;
the End of a story;
the End of a world.

every flower will die,
just as the rain has to fall
and then stop.
when the Sky is out of tears.

Part II

but just as everything Ends
everything is also Beginning.
rebirth and death and life are the same,
it is both a cycle and a balance.

the lady of Space never stops dreaming,
new stories and lives and worlds
they are constantly Existing.
and the flowers will bloom again.

Part III

she makes flower crowns for you
out of the Life you all gave them.
and her smile is the sun.
and her love is the world.

Part IV

because she is the Universe
it is her.

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