note that Kit is still pending on what she wants this OC to be about. don't expect the current concept to stick around for long.

Background Information
Creator Kit
Main Attribute determination
Elemental Attribute fire
Theme Animal fennec fox
Theme Color light yellow
Theme Song "Waiting For Love"- Avicii
Character Information
Age 25.6 (human) years
Gender female
Occupation coffee shop worker
Tribe AviWings
Goal to become famous
Residence an apartment in Silverbay
Relatives unnamed parents
Allies her followers on twitter, her cat
Enemies many, many dragons
Likes the things that she's not allowed to discuss, cats
Dislikes dragons who bother her
Powers and abilities normal AviWing abilities
Weapons poison darts
Ships none
Quote "Blah, blah, blah, just give me your money."

"[quote here]"
~[name here]



"[quote here]"
~[name here]

personality notes:

calm in public, and is very good at hiding her emotions. smart and clever, and adores her cat.

"[quote here]"
~[name here]

history notes:

too long too furious

"[quote here]"
~[name here]

relationships notes:

loves her cat, hates her husband, wants to marry this unnamed AviWing who I'm too lazy to mess with.

"[quote here]"
~[name here]

trivia: coffee

"[quote here]"
~[name here]


//chicken noises


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