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Background Information
Creator Seaviper
Main Attribute Multiple Personalities
Elemental Attribute Neutral
Theme Color Black
Theme Animal Mimic Squid
Theme Song Control-Halsey
MBTI Personality type here
Character information
Age Unknown
Gender Unknown
Occupation Wandering Pyrrhia, trying to find its purpose in life
Tribe Unknown
Goal To find its purpose
Residence Wandering, and thus doesn't stay in one spot for too long
Relatives Unknown
Allies It feels no real need to have friends
Enemies Those who stand as a threat to it, the scientists that created it
Likes Peace and quiet, being alone
Dislikes Noisy, public, crowded areas, being harassed or harmed
Powers and abilities Can shapeshift into anything it wants
Weapons Shapeshifting
Ships Ancia
Quote "Please go away. I'd really like to return to the quiet nature around here and think so your presence here isn't helping me at all."

Nothing belongs to Seaviper, please do not use it without my permission.

For an experiment to create the first shape shifter, it went suprisingly well. However, they discovered later their experiments with it weren't helping its week being too well.
I sat alone, in bed 'til the morning

I'm crying, "They're coming for me"


Insert text here

"[insert quote here]'"

insert text here

And I tried to hold these secrets inside me

My mind's like a deadly disease


Insert text here

"[quote here]"
~Personality here

Text here

"[insert quote here]'"

Text here

Personality of fear/depression

"I don't know what I did wrong! Please! Stop!"

Text here

Personality of anger

"We could've been all what they wanted. But nooo, they had to poke, prod, torture, and experiment on us! I could've been normal, but their d*amn torture is what caused us!'"

Text here

Personality of revenge

"I swear to the kami, once I find those scientists I wiLL TEAR ALL THEIR F*CKING SOULESS THROATS OUT!!"

Text here

I'm bigger than my body

I'm colder than this home


Nothing was a success upon creation, and was able the shapeshift without issue into anything it wanted. However, the scientists took it one step further, and see how it would react to certain things. Beatings, torture, and starvation is what caused its personalities to first emerge, ruining the experiment.

"D-don't hurt me! Please! Ple-e-e-ase! *Goes into sobbing*"

It all started in a classified government lab in a hidden location in the modern/futuristic time period. The government wanted to create spies that could mimic the surroundings to spy better than before, and thus chose on a shapeshifter. Something that could easily blend in with any environment by being an unsuspecting passerby, plant or animal. Small DNA samples were gathered from every living thing, and with some genetic modification and magic, the first experiment was grown.

It was tested on its shapeshifting abilities and passed every test flawlessly. They had created a perfect shapeshifter, but they needed one that could act perfectly. So they trained it, and it was very grueling, and got progressively more difficult as it continued, eventually spiraling to the point of outright abuse. They claimed that it would help it, but it actually hurt it. All of this abuse eventually led to his alternate personalities to spring up, first Rainsday, then Warflame, and then Crazewraith. It was deemed unstable, and many scientists wondered if they would have to scrap Project 1B50 and make a new one, and they eventually agreed on it.

However, one scientist who was the assistant to the head of this project didn’t agree, although she bender said this aloud. She secretly didn’t like the abuse they gave 1B50, and often would sneak into it’s cell or lead it off into a testing room, claiming that she was going to test it, but actually give 1B50 food and water, and treated its infections and wounds it got from getting beaten, whipped, shot, or stabbed. However, she could only do this every so often, as the other scientists may get suspicious of his wounds suddenly disappearing or him being more hydrated after a “test” with the SandWing assistant.

1B50 really liked her, and whenever it saw her, it’s hopes would rise. One day, while getting fake tested by her, it admitted that it was going to escape. She agreed to help him get though the front door, as it needed keycard and a eye scan to exit and enter. So they worked on a plan, where she would secretly drug the guard who watches over his cell to be a little woozy, and it would make a ruckus to get the guard to enter the cell. It would then shapeshifter into a RainWing, go invisible, meet her at the enterance, and she would open the door, and then appear to be knocked out. It was pulled off the next day, and it worked. The scientists believed the while story, thinking 1B50 escaped in its own, using the unconscious assistant to unlock the door. They never found out the real truth.

Meanwhile, 1B50 was out into the world. It flew to the nearest village, and shapeshifter into a squirrel, and watched the townsfolk’s activities. It monitored how they interacted with one another, how they went through their daily lives, and how carefree and relaxed they were. It also concluded that Project 1B50 wasn’t a convincing name, or a real one for that matter, so it decided to refer to itself as “Nothing,” as the scientists have always screamed “You’re nothing! You’re nothing to this world!” It then decided to join the town life. Disguising as a male SkyWing teen, it flew down into the town. It did get weird looks for its white eyes, but then a teen group commented on how cool his eyes were. He steered towards that group, as allies would be nice. He hung out with them, got to know them, and even became friends. He grew most attached to another SkyWing named CloudStriker, as the two of them became bros.

However, some of the other teens began to pick on him for his eyes. Combined with this and the introduction to alchohol, Nothing began to slip up, and at one point even revealing its true form, and Cloud was sober at the time. Cloud supported it through its drunken crying fit, and while he was stunned to see his friend turn out as something else, Nothing still acted the same, so he let it slide. Eventually Nothing passed out in Cloud’s room, so Cloud set up a bed for it and hauled it onto it. Cloud went to bed afterwards.

When Nothing woke up, it was alarmed to see it had revealed itself. Cloud reassured him, and said he was still cool with it. Cloud’s dad then entered, and saw Nothing. Unfortunately, Cloud’s dad was one of the scientists who worked at the lab Nothing was raised in, and was also one of the dragons who beated or scolded it. Both recognized each other, and Crazewraith kicked in, hissing and backing into a corner. Cloud’s dad tried to haul Nothing out of Cloud’s room to have a “talk” with it, and Crazewraith resisted,while Cloud was both confused and panicked at the aggressive reaction of his friend towards his dad, as he didn’t know of his dad being a scientists who abused his creations. Crazewraith then slashed Cloud’s dad across the face, and escaped through the window.

It fled to the IceWing Kingdom, shapeshifting into a IceWing when it first got cold, and crossing the ice barrier. It went into the Kingdom, and for three years, trained in combat while living amongst the IceWings not involved in the rankings. After three years, it was satisfied with its training and flew back, disguising as a SandWing and spending a day in the Scorpion den to rest, and then continued on.

When it passed Jade Mountain Academy, It shapeshifted into a RainWing and camouflaged as the sky. It was nearly there. As it passed over the small village, a small tear slipped out, as flashbacks came in to him and CloudStriker. How would he react to what it had planned? Shudders went through it, but then Crazewraith came in, flooding it with memories of the abuse the scientists did to it. It continued on.

It arrived at the lab, and hid in some bushes. Cloud’s Dad then came over, and it jumped out


I'm meaner than my demons

I'm bigger than these bones


Insert text here

"[insert quote here]'"
~[insert name here]

insert text here

And all the kids cried out,

"Please stop, you're scaring me"


Insert text here

"[insert quote here]'"
~[insert name here]

insert text here

I can't help this awful energy

Goddamn right, you should be scared of me


Insert text here

"[insert quote here]'"
~[insert name here]

insert text here

Who is in control?

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