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Nooks and Crannies is a little town on the far, far end of Pyrrhia around the SeaWing Kingdom- it's probably not the weirdest town you'll stumble around on this concept but it certainly places somewhere around on the top 5. It's citizens are certainly not normal dragons- most dragons don't really know about this place, or even seen it. Those who have usually dismiss it as some sort of cemetery and tend to steer clear of it. Little do they know that there is something lying beyond a simple cemetery- that would be Nooks and Crannies. The citizens who do live in this desolate area... well... they're not normal.

Dragons ranging from ones simply with cut off limbs and creepy personalities might live here, but also a very interesting range of monsters (not to mention inklings like to lurk here too!). The town is run by the headless hierarchy we all know and love- Church being the mayor of the entire town.



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