Hello! This is a coded page for my new character Nerve, and it will be the first time i will do coding, i might need some help, but that's what you all are for! :)


Background Information
Creator CopperWingz
Main Attribute Revenge
Elemental Attribute Lightning
Theme Animal Eel
Theme Color Black
Theme Song Error
MBTI Personality Error
Character Information
Age Error:File not found
Gender male
Occupation Error:File not found
Parent Tribe DNA Aviwing, Seawing
Animal DNA Eel, Falcon, lizard
Real Name and number Error: "Real Name" Was not found, #34687
Relatives type here
Allies Error
Enemies Error
Likes Error:File not found
Dislikes Error:File not found
Powers and abilities Glowing Feathers and Scales, deadly electric shocks
Weapons Error:File not found
Ships Error:File not found
Quote "You had the nerve to try and kill me, well just let me return the favor."

"Hybrid Egg #34687 has hatched. A male, black scaled, feathered winged dragon emerged, alive. Has not yet opened his eyes"
~File 130



Black Aviwing with glass-coded eyes that change color with mood. Stripe on his pure black wings that change to the same color. ]

"#34687 Has grown quickly, he eats twice as much as the average Seawing. He has not shown any signs of skill or powers. "
~File 190

[text here]

"It has been three years since #34687 has hatched, he is full grown. The only powers he shows is his color changing scales and eyes. Time for testings."
~File 320

[text here]

"Test #19 was successful, he now can speak, but he dislikes most of the scientists. We are going to show him to the other test subjects."
~File 370

[text here]

"Test #47 was successful, he can now control electricity, but he lost his eyes. We replaced them with glass ones."
~File 380

[text here]

"Test #48 was a failure, #34687 escaped and killed three scientists, they were shocked to death. Other test subjects escaped with him, must now send #10000 to hunt for them. "
~File 390

[text here]