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Background Information
Creator Negora\
Main Attribute Secrecy
Elemental Attribute Shadows
Theme Animal Raccoon
Theme Color Metallic black
Theme Song Cherry Bomb~ The Runaways
Character Information
Age 17
Gender Male
Occupation Spying and going undercover for Dragoneye Headquarters
Tribe Nightwing
Goal Destroy the 'weapon'
Residence Dragoneye Headquarters
Relatives Parents, father deceased
Allies Dragoneye H.Q, Dalus
Enemies Dragomatronic facility
Likes Hacking, stealing, outsmarting everyone
Dislikes ~
Powers and abilities Acting, spying, stealing, read binary code, hacking, hiding in the shadows
Weapons ~
Ships Pfft..none
Quote "~"

ω¡p Gage is a Nightwing spy for the Dragoneye Headquarters. He belongs to Negora1, so use him you die!!!


Gage has a very dusty and dirty appearance. You can tell he came from the dump. He has metallic black scales that used to always have dust on them. His wing membrane is grey which makes it hard to see his very few silver scales scattered on his wings. His underscales are dusty brownish light grey and his horns are thick dark dirty grey. Gage's eyes are completely dusty brown with a little ember in the glare.

Ever since Gage joined the Dragoneye H.Q. as an agent, he got updated in gear. Like every agent, a gear armband is given to them provided with tools and guns for missions. He received an earpiece for communication and metal horn pieces to indicate his higher class in the agency. Small satellite-like gears were added to the end of his wings to improve connection and a tracker at the horn-tipped end.



As a dragonet, Gage did not have much education. The only thing his parents could teach was binary code. For five years that's all he could read. But his parents we're able to teach him how to read like a regular dragon as soon as he turned six. When his father developed a prolonging illness, he began to use his dusty natural-shadow-looking scales to help him steal food and medicine. But when his father died, he used his stealing skills to provide for his mother and eventually followed in his father's footsteps and began to hack into companies and facilities.

After Gage got the attention of both the police and the Dragoneye H.Q., he was given the opportunity to use his talents for good. As an agent of the Dragoneye H.Q. he spies on other facilities, hacks into their computers, and steals things for them. His occupation now is to investigate and spy on the Dragomatronic facility.


Gage was born in the gutters of Skypointe city. His parents were extremely poor and couldn't afford their own place. His father had been a hacker in his past life, but after he got out of jail he settled down with a lover. But he lost his job and struggled to find another one while he and the mother waited for Gage to hatch. Gage's mother said he was a lucky charm because the day he hatched was the day his father got a job. As he grew up, Gage was not able to go to school





Dragoneye H.Q:


Background Information
Creator Negora
Main Attribute ~
Elemental Attribute Shadows
Theme Animal Purple Martin
Theme Color Black and midnight blue
Theme Song Bring me to Life~ Evanescence
Character Information
Age 16
Gender Female
Occupation Leave some good things behind before she dies
Tribe Nightwing
Goal To go with Death back to her family
Residence In a small house in her home city Devanlee
Relatives Parents, baby brother & older sister, all taken by Death
Allies Jita
Enemies The Blades, Death
Likes Playing the violin, writing poetry and music, her best friend Jita
Dislikes When Death takes away her friends and family, the dragons that bully her
Powers and abilities Natural Nightwing
Weapons None
Ships ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Quote ~
Evana belongs to Negora. Don't use her without permission!
How can you see into my eyes,
like open doors

You aren't crazy, unless you're friends with Death.

Due to the fact that Death has taken away her whole family, Evana simply waits for Death to take her back to her family.


Without a soul,
my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold

"Me? Beautiful? I don't even have a mirror to look at...(and my current mirror is making me blush right now.)"


"Her scales were a soft black-blue, much like the midnight sky. The silver scales on her wings were more like stars on her than any other Nightwing, set against a violet background. As I focused on her sleek, perfect face, her eyes lit up with a light blue that would put an Icewing’s scales to shame. Every part of her seemed too magical to be real, I almost thought I was dreaming."
-Excerpt from Immortal Souls

Until you find it there
and lead it back home

"Whoa, calm down. I'm not actually friends with Death, I just keep in touch with it. You know, to see if it's time."


Wake me up inside, call my name
and save me from the dark

"I don't do much. I just kill time if you know what I mean..."


I can't wake up, save me
Save me from the nothing I've become

"My story? Well, I guess I'll start with my dead family...and that's about it."


Breath into me, make me real,
Bring Me To Life

"I know two types of dragons: dead loved ones and Death. I don't think I should know you...and you wouldn't want to know me anyway."


Frozen inside without your touch
Without your love, darling


Only you are the life
among the dead



Creator Negora1
Main Attribute
Elemental Attribute
Theme Animal
Theme Color
Theme Song
Powers and abilities
Ships Em
Quote Listed below

This stud belongs to Negora1. Do not use him without permission!











Part Three: Skyfallen

Part Four: Silfur

Reboot Part One:


~ ~ ~


The Blades

Masters of Darkness

Knives of Night

Masks of Scars

There is nowhere to hide but in Our Shadow

~The Blades Code


Leader: Gash


2nd Ranked:

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