Dragon Model
Background information
Creator Rainbow Phoenix Fangirls
Main Attribute Sin
Elemental Attribute Smoke
Theme Animal Adder
Theme Color Onyx black
Theme Song working on it
MBTI Personality ESTP-J
Character information
Age 21 (human)
Gender Female
Occupation Model and part-time actress
Tribe DeathWings
Goal To be the most famous model in Pyrrhia
Residence Deux City (for now)
Relatives She's enstranged
Allies Her fashion designer and her agent
Enemies the DeathWings, all other models
Likes Colors, jewelry, free time, flaunting, fashion, paint
Dislikes The cold, drabness, racism
Powers and abilities Average DeathWing abilities
Weapons Claws, teeth, venom, sassiness
Ships wip woop
Quote "Why, everybody knows I'm beautiful. It's obvious, isn't it?"
deathwing model and actress

decorated her skull with colorful designs like the day of the dead

many past sins

woop woop its a wip

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