This page reveals Moonwatcher's Siblings from Cumulus the SkyIce's Fanon. Their names coincidentally the names Winter mentioned when first meeting Moon. They are Mooneater, Moondestroyer, and Mooncrusher. A previous idea was that they'd all be quadruplets but it was scrapped. The entire family is that Secretkeeper is the mother. Morrowseer is the father. Moonwatcher is the eldest sister. Mooncrusher is the youngest. They are all sisters.


Moonwatcher is 4 years old. She has prophetic and telepathic powers. She is known to be very shy. She is affiliated with Winter, Turtle, Turtle, and Peril. She is a black/silver color.


Moondestroyer is more violent then her sisters. She was born at least 3 months after her sister. Moondestroyer is also the tallest of all the sisters. She likes studying gory moments in Pyrrhia's history. She is an indigo/black shade.


Mooneater is the laziest of her sisters. She has a prophetic power but sadly she only uses it to find out what she's going to eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She gets along well with the neighborhood RainWings considering she's just as lazy. She was born the year after Moonwatcher. She looks the same as Moonwatcher, but she's smaller and wears flower vines on her body.


Not much is known about her since she is a dragonet only born a few days ago.

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