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And a naenae

Monica stands even with most other dragons, not being the tallest dragon around, nor the shortest. Her posture is strong and slightly intimidating, but her body shape doesn't reflect this as much. Her body is quite average, but very lean. Her neck is average, and her head is ever so slightly shaped like an arrow.

Monica usually walks around in public with her iconic sneer and narrowed eyes, but for performances, that doesn't fly very well with the audience.

Being a hybrid, she doesn't have an appearance like any other in Pyrrhia. Her scales are small and pebble-like, but are a bright, seafoam green color. The light makes this color shift, making it as light as pastel blue, or as dark as royal. Her underscales are a sandy gold tone, along with her sail.

Monica has both SandWing and SeaWing genes, so she has a mix of both in her sail. It has the basic appearance of a SandWing sail, but is much more uneven and jagged, kind of looking like a SeaWing's fin.

Her wings are quite awkward to her, but no one else really focuses on her wings. They are actually quite small, but very muscular, because she doesn't want dragons to focus on her wings. Before she worked out her wings often, dragons often made comments on her weak wings. The membranes are the same sandy gold tone as her sail and underscales, tattooed with metallic gold runes in an ancient written language. These tattoos are also present on her strange sail.

Her legs are long, bunt not to the point of having a lanky appearance. She had learned to assume a bipedal stance for a quite lengthy period of time, which comes in handy in performances. Her talons are always kept extremely clean and well cared for. They are pure white, but are often painted in gold.

Her eyes are a bright and vivid violet color, an odd color for both SeaWings and SandWings.


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