Ok ok so this is something that came to my mind today during school, designed loosely around the modes of persuasion: Logos, Ethos, and Pathos. It's like 11:30 here so I'm just making a page with a few notes, so think of it this way:

I'm gonna use science in order to re-create magic.

pay attention this might show up in starbound

"Why is magic unfair, you ask? Well, it's because you have to be 'special' to use it! Plus, what's the good in having magic if it costs your sanity just to use it? That's why, using science, I propose a much better solution: artificial magic!"

Logos Style

A style of magic based on logic. Spells written in Logos Style follow a logical order, and are designed to carry out specific tasks or goals. Logos is the easiest to learn and use, and can be used for almost anything.

Ethos Style

A style of magic based on morals or ethics. The power of an Ethos-Style spell is linked directly to whether or not the caster believes in morals of casting the spell. Because of this, Ethos-Style magic is most commonly used for healing and other medical purposes, as the caster of a healing spell is likely to believe strongly in how ethical healing would be.

Pathos Style

Pathos-Style is the hardest form of magic to learn. Pathos spells break down the caster's core emotions and releases them in primal forms of magic. Most often, Pathos-Style spells take the form of some sort of element: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, etc. Pathos-Style spells are the least reliable form of spell, as losing control of an emotion can cause a spell to go haywire, causing undesirable effects.


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