My name is Corinna. This is my story, written by me and also continued and updated. I've enchanted every copy of it published to update as long as I write in my enchanted copy.

The first chapter is shorter than the rest because I was born in September.

1. 1887

I was born to Eleanor and Hubert Jasperton in Milennia City Hospital. It was the largest hospital I'd ever seen in my first three years, but I didn't really inherit the Milennia City accent since I moved in 1901. I don't really remember my strip of a first year, but my mom helped me write this chapter.

Five other relatives besides Mom were present for the birthing. Dad, my two sisters Fern and Alice, and my aunt and uncle Bella and Bobby. The nurse gave Mom a wheelchair for about a week (9/26/1887). We went home at about 10:30 PM in the US time. It was dark and there were barely any cars out. All the streetlamps were on and Mom, Dad, Fern, Alice, Aunt Bella, and Uncle Bobby saw the beautiful city lights as we drove back to our apartment on the 5th floor above Mom's old coffee shop.

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