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> Gender Unidentified
> Occupation CRIMINAL
> Creator fear
> Age 24 years

Our scars have the power to remind us that the past was real.
> [ Hannibal Lecter ] <

Lecter belongs to Fear, please ask before using him in any way.


A male, 'white collar' criminal who has a brilliant mind. Lecter is one of the most wanted psychopathic dragons in Pyrrhia. He's a very elusive criminal, and has a very intriguing story every time he escapes. If you are reading this, be aware that he could be anywhere. Even watching as you read this right now.

Well you know my name. Now what's yours, kind dragon?
> [ Lecter ] <


Oh don't worry about how I look. It's not a priority, Sir.
> [ Lecter ] <

Lecter is a tall, lean dragon combined with the genetics of a SandWing and NightWing. His hybrid nature is shown mostly with his spines, as well as his eyes instead. He has a somewhat bulky build for a tall and lean dragon, but he can hold his weight. His tail is long and wiry in texture. Lecter has a slimmer, longer snout than usual which provides an attractive feat.

His documents state that he is of an unidentified tribe as well as an unidentified gender considering his elusive habits. His scales are a charcoal color with pitch colored spines, talons and teeth being an iridescent white color. That being said, in certain angles, his teeth could shine a tinted yellow or a tinted red. He has a single golden tooth. Lecter's eyes are a vibrant blue which can hurt to look at sometimes. His wings are light in weight but match more of a SandWing's looks. No stars touch the dark-colored membranes, as it's only a gradient of ash to black.


Hee hee hoo hoo haa haa!
> [ Lecter ] <

The hybrid of Sand and Night is known specifically for his strategic gestures as well as his habits of dining on the rude. His mind functions like a nonstop computer - consistently making calculations and going back to check them. He's known to plan ahead of time as early as a month but as late as a few years in advance. He makes sure that everything goes as planned, and isn't afraid to get himself dirty if he needs to make it right again.

Lecter isn't afraid of others, as he knows nothing of the feeling. He chooses to laugh at his predicaments, and creep out any competition in order to maintain his status of an "attractive" and "all knowing" psychopath. Of course, he thinks very highly of himself and very low of various dragons. If someone were of an equal level of his intelligence and patience, he would consider respect for them. He appears to be very classy with his intentions as well as in the overall public appearances. Lecter is one to make sure he's a "gentleman" in the streets as well as maintaining his status of being the neighborhood psychopath - considering he refuses to be shown up by someone he's never heard of.


Do not get yourself in the way of Lecter if he shows any angered or cranky behavior as this means he's HUNGRY. This means he will eat absolutely any dragon that passes by him even in a subtle manner.

In conclusion, Lecter is incredibly manipulative, as well as egotistical and intelligent. He's known to be observant as well.


Pardon me, but did you receive permission to look through my personal documents? I thought not.
> [ Lecter ] <

Insert a history here. Lecter's history will be written up when properly planned and thought out.


I don't do friendships, fellow dragon.
> [ Lecter ] <

Roleplay with him, maybe he won't snack on ya. Ahahaha.


A criminal needs to be able to protect himself, yes?
> [ Lecter ] <

Lecter is known to have a variety of tools that could be lying around rather than lethal weaponry. Even a rock could be his key to survival, in some cases.

> Weapon Adaptability - Lecter can adapt to anything that could pass as a weapon of any sort. It may take a bit of time for more mechanical things, but things such as broken cameras, as well as rocks, are easy to use.

> Fire Breath - Due to his hybrid nature (and both sides having fire breath) he can use fire to his advantage.

> Flexibility and Speed - Lecter is in fact very flexible and quick. He learned to be more advanced in this area as a way to escape when need be.


Ask away, Sir. I don't mind answering pathetic questions.
> [ Lecter ] <

> Lecter is a psychopath.

>> Meaning he has a defect in his mind which makes him unable to feel emotions. He can learn to mimic them, but has the most difficulty faking regret, or love. These are nearly impossible for him to make a game out of.

> Lecter is a cannibal.

>> He prefers dining on corpses, as well as "the rude". That is, whomever disrespects him and his status.

> Lecter very well may be Public Enemy No. 1.

>> However, he's very popular among the business portions of Pyrrhia, as he is a high classed - or a white collared - criminal. This can protect him in some areas more than others.

> Lecter is based off of both Hannibal Lecter as well as Lil Cal.

> Contrary to popular belief, Lecter likes company. Come visit him, he'll gladly prepare dinner.


Drawings? For me? How thoughtful.
> [ Lecter ] <

Reference coming soon.

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