» Lavendel «
 » Background Information «
Creator Luna
Main Attribute Stress
Elemental Attribute Quiet
Theme Color Purple
Theme Song(s) Hurts Like Heaven-Coldplay
MBTI Personality INTP
 » Character Information «
Age ()dragon years
13 human years
Gender Female
Orientation Demi
Occupation Student
Tribe RainWing
Goal To be remembered
Residence Her house
Relatives Too many
Allies A few
Enemies A lot
Likes Freedom, relaxing
Dislikes School, family
Powers and abilities Average RainWing abilities
Weapons Average RainWing weapons
Ships Wyvendel
Quote "Shut up."

Lavendel belongs to Luna. Don't use or edit her without my permission.

» when you try your best but you don't succeed «


physical: blah

scales, eyes & horns: blah

clothing: blah

» when you get what you want but not what you need «


outwardly: blah

inwardly: blah

close friends: blah

» when you feel so tired but you can't sleep «


dragonet years: blah

adolescent years: blah

» when the tears come streaming down your face «


physical: blah

mental: blah

skills: blah

» when you lose something that you can't replace «


name: blah

name: blah

» when you love someone but it goes to waste «


» blah
» blah

» and I will try to fix you «


Lavendelref Luna

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