This OC belongs to Wings. He is a part of the Maximum Ride universe.

Background information
Creator Wings-of-Bloodfire
Main Attribute ...
Elemental Attribute wolfiness
Theme Color light brown
Theme Animal wolf
Theme Song ...
Character information
Age 17 human years
Gender male
Preference unknown
Occupation a wolfman
Species human with wolf DNA
Goal ...
Residence ...
Relatives ...
Allies ...
Enemies Brightfire
Likes ...
Dislikes ...
Powers and abilities wolf abilities
Weapons claws, fangs, strength
Ships Brightfire
Quote "..."



As a human, Jax is rather tall, with a swift, lean build. He has broad shoulders, and his arms are wired with an unseen muscle. His hair is a light brown, the same color as the fur that covers him as a wolf, with soft, shaggy spikes that droop over his forehead. His eyes are a sharp, glimmering sky blue that seem to pierce the eyes of those who look at him. He has a few pale scars that snake up his arms, ugly and silver. He often wears wears tight-clad dark gray leather with a katana strung on his back.

As a wolf, he is large with powerful strength. His fur is long and shaggy, the same light mocha as his hair when he is a human. His eyes are the same piercing blue, drilling into your soul to make you stutter in fear. A snarl twists on his short-furred muzzle, his white fangs bared at whatever poor organism stands in his way. His ears are long and pointed, usually flatted against his head. After the scientists sewed feather-clad wings onto his back (ouchieeee), he has been much more irritable and now has large, ugly black bird wings to soar him into the air (rather ungracefully, to be honest).