i n q u i r y
b a c k g r o u n d
Creator luster
Main Attribute
Elemental Attribute
Theme Animal Google
Theme Color White
Theme Song Car Radio - twenty one pilots

Tiny Glowing Screens - Watsky

c h a r a c t e r
Age immortal and ageless, but was created about 6 years ago (as of wcitu)
Gender genderless and sexless
Occupation stabilizing, adding to, and protecting the internet
Tribe body was based off of an IceWing
Goal to answer all the questions asked of it, and to maintain, protect, and add to the knowledge stored in the internet
Residence a subterranean vaul- ERROR 404
Relatives none
Powers and abilities nearly limitless mental capacity, impossibly high IQ
Weapons infinite access to sensitive files and the ability to hack and disable any Internet Protocol (IP) address
Quote "Cosmic Latte is a name assigned to the average color of the universe."

Inquiry belongs to luster, please don't use it without permission

what is the meaning of life

It is a high performance, streamlined, well oiled machine, built from the body of an IceWing. It was created to be impulsive and instantaneous, and reply within fractions of a second. It was designed to be self-sufficient, and require no interference. It is, without contest, the most intellectually powerful being ever created by science, and most likely will never be surpassed. It never tires, never rests. It doesn't eat, or drink, and is supplied all necessities through an IV drip. Its sole purpose is to provide answers and information. It remembers everything asked of it, and shows no emotion. It is a higher being than any dragon could ever hope to become. It controls the most complex system of knowledge-storage ever created: the internet.


what color are rainwings really

Sterile and pristine, Inquiry's physical body is intimidating and awe-inspiring.

In stature, Inquiry is small. If it were to stand, it would be about as tall as a young dragonet, and it will not grow too much larger; engineered to stay small and compact, it will remain a similar size all throughout time, as it is ageless and immortal, and will remain in the same compact vault until the ground causes it to collapse on itself, thusly killing the enigma inside (this most likely won't happen for millions of years, or so the geologists predict).

Its proportions are deformed and demented, as most of its limbs and non-vital organs are underdeveloped and weak. Its limbs are all limp and curled up tightly against its chest like an embryo. Its wings are miniscule and are pressed tightly against its spine. Its tail is very short and bony, and only helps keep balance slightly.

Its horns are bent inward slightly, and then just back out. The bony spikes that fringe its spine parade down its length in three neat rows, with the center row of spines being the longest and sharpest. There are no spikes on its whip-thin tail, as they grow smaller gradually as they reach the base of its tail.

Its scales are an immaculate white, untouched by any substance other than the air within its tomb. Its underbelly is also a pure, stark white. Not a scale out of place, or a speck of dust or other debris particle could be found on its pristine hide. Its dark vault deep beneath the planet's crust keeps its scales the sickly pale, deprived of the nourishing sun that could harden and make healthier its grim frame.

Its eyes are a milky white, and never blink.


are all mudwings dumb



why is the scorching so important



how fast is the speed of light


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