"Irinia, come on!"

"Lay a claw on her and you'll lose the talon"

Background Information
Creator LoveTheRain
Infobox Artist
Main Attribute
Elemental Attribute Sand & Fire
Theme Animal Komodo Dragon
Theme Color Light Orange-Yellow
Theme Song WIP
Character Information
Age 17
Gender Female
Tribe Sandwing/Skywing
Goal To be alone
Residence Foxtail
Relatives Cairo (Mother) Hawk (Father) Irinia (Sister
Allies Irinia
Enemies Everyone else
Likes Fighting, Being Alone, Listening to Music
Dislikes Being Annoyed, Weak Dragons, Being Dragged Down
Powers and abilities Control Sand & Breathe Burning Sand
Weapons Her Powers, Fight Skills
Ships do you want to die?
Quote "Do you really wanna try me?"


Inferno's scales are

"How does it feel? The pain? "

" Please! "

" No, you hurt her. You hurt me "


" Don't let anyone drag you down "

" Only trust yourself, that's survival "


"You want a sob story? My father was killed by my mother's ex mate, my mother mourned him and went into depression/madness and now I take care of my younger sister."


" "

" "


" "

" "


" "

" "

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