redo wip

appearance- shiny black scales, gold stripe, yellow-gold wing membrane, white claws/horns, bright green-blue eyes, dark blue mane/tail tuft, black underbelly with a bluish tint. really tall and thin, long tail, with lots of gadgets and weapons attached to a padded leather suit.

personality- serious, honest, smart, a tad awkward.

history- dundndndndndnd her parents were weird

abilities- can kick stuff

relationships- she loves Kokoro, and i ship it so very hard

trivia- pumpkin pie

gallery- apple pie

Rainsong belongs to Kitagon. Please do not use her in any way or form without permission.
Background Information
Creator Kit
Aliases "Rainsong", "Skid"
Main Attribute Courage
Elemental Attribute Air
Theme Animal Badger, Crow, Grizzly Bear
Theme Color Black
Theme Song "Little Talks"- Of Monsters And Men; "Ready, Aim, Fire"- Imagine Dragons; "Lone Ranger"- Rachel Platten
Character Information
Age 25.5 (Human) Years
Gender Female
Occupation Doctor, Agent of R.E.V.O.L.T.
Tribe SwiftWings
Goal To kill Speculum and Kashmir, among other targets
Residence Silverbay City
Relatives Unnamed Parents, Thundersong (Twin Sister)
Allies Thundersong, R.E.V.O.L.T., The Chasten
Enemies Speculum, Kashmir, and the other 257 bad dragons that may or may not exist
Likes Kokoro, Doctor Spectrum, most types of pie
Dislikes Many variants
Powers and abilities Hydrokinesis
Weapons Knives, guns, electric rods, other gadgets
Ships Kokoro
Quote "What if I could tell you everything that you didn't know about yourself?"

"I'm pretty calm. Stern, but calm."

"Favorite animal? Are you asking me this now? Three moons, you RainWings ask the oddest questions."
~Rainsong, Speaking To A New Agent

[text here]

"I have no secrets. So don't ask me if I have any secrets. Because I probably do have secrets, but even that remains a secret."

[text here]

"Of course it's not real!"
~Rainsong, Referring To One Of R.E.V.O.L.T.'s Artificial Animals

[text here]


[text here]

"Shoot the targets, not each other!"
~Rainsong, Speaking To Some Revolt Employees

[text here]

"Oh, great, there's more."

[text here]