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You'll be all like "A cursed SandWing big whoop."

Just wait til you see what KIND of curse //rubs hands together, a glint of yellow in eyes //hint hint

This character has content that may be too mature for younger readers to see. If you are under the age of 13, I highly recommend you DON'T read this page, due to mentioned gore and how the character will be developed. Please avoid reading on if you don't react well to gore or mature characters.

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First comes a blessing of all that you've dreamed
But then comes a curses of diamonds and rings


"He had hatched without venom or fire, and his only weapons were the typical claws and teeth. All of his scales had gold in them, and he wondered why. Was this some sort of defect? He however, did not know of the power he possesses...yet.'"
~Part from Golden Tears

Heatwave S. Larkson, aka Golden
Gold ehmygosh
Background information
Creator Seaviper
Main Attribute Depression
Elemental Attribute Gold
Theme Color Gold (dur)
Theme Animal Umm idk Bearded Dragon?
Theme Song Gold-Imagine Dragons
MBTI Personality type here
Character information
Age 7
Gender Male
Occupation Roaming
Tribe SandWing
Goal To escape from all the actions and memories from the past
Residence Wandering
Relatives Unknown, was orphan at birth
Allies Shearwake, but he disappeared, now no one
Enemies Bullies, mean dragons
Likes Bare streets, abandoned towns, lonely areas, being alone.
Dislikes Dragons focusing on him, crowds
Powers and abilities Has no fire or venom, his touch can turn things to gold
Weapons Gold-touch, talons, teeth
Ships Undetermined
Quote "Tell you about my past? No thank you, I prefer to keep my personal life personal."

Heatwake Sunny Larkson, or Heatwave S. Larkson, is a name that sounds like a formal SandWing who would seem quite normal. However, his name is deceiving as a name can be.

He has a color scheme of a golden-sand mix, his primary scales a sandy gold, with his underscales, claws, teeth, wing membranes, horns, wingclaws, teeth, and sail a light faded sand color with a mix of gold and some heated orange hints. His eyes are a shimmering gold, a mix of light and dark colors of gold, and his pupil, a single, obsidian-black slit that can give you the shivers if stared long enough into. Despite having a barb, there is no venom in it, as he was born without venom.

He has a very skinny build, long and thin as can be. His snout, unlike a regular SandWing's, is not blocky and square-like, but instead very thin and pointed, like a triangle. He has thin, long hind and rear legs. His chest is very thin, almost to the point of seeing his ribs. He has very faint markings here and there, from when he was younger and was abused physically. However, most of these wounds have healed over, and only a small portion of the so many wounds he got faintly shown, while the rest are impossible to see.

On his arms, he has what looks like veins that go all the way up to his elbows. They are the color of bright, just-forged shimmering gold, and they let off a golden glow. The veins always shimmer, too, like liquid gold inside of a tube, while getting light shined on it. To corer up these markings, he wears gloves that extend beyond his elbows so no one can see the markings on them. The gloves are not enchanted, and allow him to stop his golden touch. However, these gloves did not stop themselves from turning into gold.

Only at first did it have its appeal
But now you can't tell the false from the real

"As the other dragonets teased and called him names, he curled up in a ball in the grass, the dragonets now encircling him and taunting and teasing him more. They then began to kick him, calling him pathetic while doing so. After they walked away, leaving a shivering, beaten-up crying Golden behind, he muttered "Why", sadness now overtaken his voice. "Why did it have to be me?" As he said this, a single golden tear ran down his cheek, glimmering in the faint sunlight.'"
~Part from Golden Tears

From his rough life as a young dragonet, Heatwave developed a shy personality. He prefers to stay away from others, for his childhood was not a pleasant experience. Abused with words when he was very young, and as he grew older, the words got more harsh, and soon the bullies moved onto physical abuse. Because he wasn't strong or bold enough to fight back or stand up, the abuse continued, and also caused dragons who used to be bullied to bully him, in hopes of losing their place as a target and becoming a gang member of the bullies.

The abuse led to him getting slight depression, but him always being optimistic pushed the rest back. He sometimes has emotional breakdowns that can happen at any moment, even if he is feeling happy. He developed a hatred for SandWings as time and abuse went on, and it spread to the other tribes, too. He used to have a friend named Shearwave, but after his disappearance, he no longer had any friends, for Shearwave was his one and only friend.

He desired to fight back, but he was too weak and scared to do so. They were restless, even if they got it trouble, they would strike back, the only goal set in their heads was to abuse him, making him think that if he did fight back, he would get abused even more than he already was. His anger built up, too, and that led him to having moments of pure anger and hatred. He would shred papers, break items, and mess up forts that the younger orphans built.

This led to him getting punished more regularly, and he just couldn't take it. His life in total chaos, unable to control or manage his anger, he was ready to snap. He was about to cross the line that separates peaceful from insanity, his sanity on that very line. Then one day, he crossed it, his life snapped in two, his sanity shattered. That was the very day Heatwave was gone, and Golden emerged from the depths of his broken soul.

Statues and Empires are all at your hands
Buried and covered in the finest of sands

"He looked up at the sky, hos golden scales glimmering in the light, his pupils filled with the memories of the past. Now that was all over. His reset button was pushed in the wrong way, and now he can never be reset, forever told to kill all who do bad. He is unstoppable, and perhaps even, will try to take over Pyrrhia if he wanted."
~Part from Golden Tears

Gold ehmygosh2
Background information
Creator Seaviper
Main Attribute Blood
Elemental Attribute Gold
Theme Color Gold
Theme Animal Golden Statue
Theme Song Gold-Imagine Dragons
MBTI Personality type here
Character information
Age Ageless, frozen and will be forever depicted as a deformed 7 year old SandWing
Gender Preserved and depicted as Male
Occupation Killing those who do bad
Tribe Frozen and depicted as a SandWing
Goal To kill all those who do bad
Residence Wandering
Relatives Unknown
Allies Those who do good
Enemies Those who do bad, those who try to break pieces off of him
Likes Those who do good, isolation
Dislikes Those who do bad, crowds
Powers and abilities Cannot die, gold-touch
Weapons Gold-touch, teeth and claws not as effective due to the softness of gold
Ships Undetermined
Quote "All those who do bad must be eliminated."

Gold. That could be simple enough. Pure gold, gold making dragons wanting to break him apart and steal his own parts. However, his curse has kept him alive, and he may never die, even in the worst of situations.

He looks just like Heatwave, same build, same appearance, same everything, except for three things. One of them is his eye colors. Instead of the shimmering golden eyes and obsidian black slit pupils, the color has reversed, now obsidian black eyes with shimmering golden slit pupils. Another one is his scale colors. Instead of sandy-golden scales and light sandy-golden underscales, he now has all his colors a shimmering gold. I mean, who wound't have that color if you were entirely made up of pure gold? Another, although this is hard to notice, is his tears and blood. Liquid gold has replaced that, and if he ever cries or gets cut, gold will ooze from his eyes or cut.

When all that you have is stale and is cold
And you no longer feel when your heart's turned to gold.

"After strangling the two SandWing bullies, he walked away, the only trace left was the two dead SandWings, now golden statues, and golden footprints that go out to the entrance before ending, and then flecks of gold in a circle, as if he had taken off. No one knew where he went, and the only dragon who saw his attack and exit was the very dragon who cursed Golden's egg himself. "What have I created." He muttered, shacking his head, knowing no one would believe his story.'"
~Part from Golden Tears

Driven mad from all the years of abuse, he has turned into a heartless killer, strangling them to the point of almost death before letting the gold do the rest. All his victims are golden statues, usually twisted in agonizing positions from when they were getting turned into golden statues. His primary targets are SandWings, but he will kill others. However, some of his old personality is in his new one, and he only kills those who harm others for fun or bad reasons.

He does not want the past to repeat itself, and to make sure of that, he has killed those who know about his past, beside the dragons who work at the orphanage he grew up in. They were the only ones who tried to help him, and he repays them by letting them live. He has a soft spot for them, and cannot kill them for the sake of his past. Only the cruelest of words can stop him in his tracks, but doing so will instead make him more angry. Kinder words, however, have a totally different effect, making him sigh before walking away. He wants to be that dragon's friend who said those kind words, but he feels like they would never forgive him for what he has done, and will walk away to prevent that.

Who can you trust
Who can you trust

"He roared in fury, shredding papers to bits. He ripped up his bed, before throwing the mattress at his door. He then curled up and cried, shimmering, Golding tears pouring down his cheeks. The insults of the bullies floated around in his head, repeatedly spitting out nasty words. "Stop it! STOP IT!" He roared to no one in particular, while covering his ears and shutting his eyes tight, wanting the taunts and teases to go away."
~Part from Golden Tears

When everything, everything, everything you touch
Turns to gold, gold, gold

"[insert quote here]'"
~Part from Golden Tears

Before he was born, a animus dragon who also worked at the orphanage touched and cursed his egg, allowing the dragonet inside to live for a very long period of time, as well as grow slowly. Of course, he gave him the ability to turn stuff into gold by direct contact, at the sacrifice of his fire and venom. When he hatched, he had scale colors of gold, as well as the golden vein markings on his arms.

He did not have the power yet, but as he aged, he slowly began to develop these powers. At first he could only turn certain objects into gold, but soon it spread to everything. The dragon who cursed him sold all the golden objecys to help expand, upgrade, and keep the orphanage, for at that time they were very poor, and the orphanage was close to bankrupt. This was the main reason why that dragon cursed him, to help expand and repair the orphanage and bring it back into business.

When he turned himself into gold, he became ageless, he was just basically a golden statue kept alive by animus magic. This allowed him to withstand pretty much all ways of dying, even dipping him in lava won't kill him, he would just turn into a bunch of magma in the shape of a dragon. if he cools, he would look like he originally was when he first turned into gold, except brighter. The only way he can die is if a animus dragon undid the curse on him, and if that did happen, he would no longer be mobile and alive, and he would freeze on the spot and turn into a golden statue.

When everything, everything, everything you touch

"[insert quote here]'"
~Part from Golden Tears

  • His touch can turn anything into gold, unless it already is gold.
  • He has special gloves that cover up the gold veins on his arms and stop him from turning stuff into gold every time he touches it.
  • He can only turn stuff into gold if he is directly touching the object. This means that the gloves are just, well, normal golden gloves. No special magic enchantment or anything.
Turns to ooh gold
Ooh gold

"The two biggest SandWing bullies cornered him, smiles so devilish that it made him shudder. "You should have never existed, pathetic SandWing. You will never fit in, no matter how hard you try. You are not only an embarrassment to us, but the entire world. You should have never existed, and it shall end now." The biggest SandWing said, before thrusting his barb so hard through his heart that it skewered him, the barb poking out from his left shoulder. He collapsed as the barb was withdrew, and the SandWing said, "You are so miserable, I didn't even need to poison you, idiotic creature." As Golden took in his last few dying breaths, he hissed, "You may have killed me, but I will always live on." He then stabbed his claws through his chest, grabbing his heart. He then began to turn into a golden statue, and once he was all gold, and thought to be dead, his eyes opened, now all black with gold slit pupils. He removed his hand from his chest, and the wound healed over. Even though he was all gold, the magic, the curse still kept his heart beating, preventing him from ever dying. "This." He hissed, standing up. "This is the real me."'"
~Part from Golden Tears

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