A flash of cream-colored scales, a wide, toothy grin, a glint of sapphire eyes. That's the most that almost all visitors to the Palace see of the strange servant girl, Glaudei.

She is an odd one, that dragoness, a tattoo curling under her right eye and brightly colored gemstones glittering in her ears. Maybe it's the way she carries herself, higher than a servant, higher than even the Queen. Maybe it's the grin that constantly shows off her lopsided, toothy maw. Or maybe it's the look in her eyes, a look betraying that she is more than just some common servant.

Pyrrhia may never know, and Glaudei's willing to keep it that way.

Her character: the clumsy, selfish rascal with hidden depths

Dragon Model
Background information
Creator Rainbow
Main Attribute Trickery
Elemental Attribute Light
Theme Animal Loki
Theme Color Yellow
Theme Song Body - Mother Mother
MBTI Personality
Character information
Age -
Gender Genderfluid, they/she
Occupation Sevant in the TempestWing Palace
Tribe TempestWing
Goal  ???
Residence LightWing/TempestWingPalace
Relatives  ???
Allies  ???
Enemies  ???
Likes success, ice cream
Dislikes getting caught
Powers and abilities average TempestWing abilities, animus powers
Weapons claws, teeth, breath weapon
Ships  ???
Quote "Why should I care about you? You mean nothing to me."


Is she beautiful? Not really. Beautiful isn't the first word that springs to mind when you lay eyes on Glaudei. Nor is it the second, or the third.

Her face is elegantly shaped, but her snout is twisted, looking like she squashed it slightly against a wall. Her eyes aren't level, and one is slightly higher than the other, not to mention that one is blue and the other a light tawny brown. Her teeth are crooked and lopsided, but clean, and she's often showing them off in a big grin.

Glaudei's body isn't unnattractive, it's simply ordinary. She's a little pudgy, but her legs are clearly defined, and her tail is elegant and long. Wings and scales are a point of pride, too- her wings are large and graceful, and her scales are a lovely shimmery cream, quite pleasing to the eye.

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