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Lone Ranger Green-Rust

Prologue | War

War never changes.

In early history, a species called the scavengers ruled the world. When the dragons formed their tribes and overthrew the dominant force on the continent, they doomed themselves to the everlasting conflict that would come to destroy the world they once called home.

Over the next five millennia, the new species of the continent named their home Pyrrhia, a large land that housed all of the inhabitants of the known world, scavengers and dragons alike. As with any environment, natural enemies were formed. Both inside and outside of their own tribes, dragons never learned to live peacefully with each other, and their trust all came spiraling down in 4093, when the scavengers got their revenge, and killed Queen Oasis of the SandWings.

From that moment, all hell broke loose. The SandWings broke apart, each group allying with other tribes, and each tribe murdering those from tribes not their own. When the war ended, the damage had been done, and the world was forever changed.

When the war ended, dragons stepped into a new, modern age. One that allowed for a new era, in which each tribe could live in peace with each other, in a utopian era of freedom and rejoice.

However, all good things must come to an end. Centuries into the future, dragons finally began to run out of the resources that they required to run their civilization. As time went on, the continent slowly descended back into the same chaos that brought it into fruition.

Fearing nuclear war, a company called Vault-Tec designed a series of nuclear shelters called Vaults. These high-tech underground shelters would hold the future of dragonkind for centuries to come, for when the nuclear apocalypse finally comes to destroy everything that they had built.

In the year 5921, all hell broke loose one final time. When the bombs fell, those included in the Vault program quickly moved to their underground safehaven, leaving their brethren outside the Vaults to perish in total nuclear annihilation, and the world they knew as home, was destroyed in an unending barrage of destruction.

300 years later, the vaults finally began to reopen to the surface world, only to find the land above to be entirely different to what they left: barren, destroyed, and plagued with monsters warped by radiation. It is from one of these Vaults that our survivor emerges from.

Vault 21. A Vault forced to open its gates to a world that it wasn't prepared to face. It is this world that the Lone Ranger steps into, and this underground bunker that he steps out of, for the final time, and he steps into a new world. A world that is inevitably plagued by war. Because war...

War never changes.

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