Faithful is Kitagon's dragonsona. Please do not use her without permission.

Background Information
Creator Kitagon
Main Attribute Knowledge
Elemental Attribute Water
Theme Animal Hyena
Theme Color Cyan
Theme Song "Whistle"- Katy Tiz
Character Information
Age Somewhere between 15 and 20
Gender Female
Breed Pearlcatcher
Occupation Student
Element Water
Flight Nature
Residence Somewhere in the land of Nature
Relatives Unnamed parents and sister
Allies Brazil, Hollowsong
Enemies None
Likes Whatever Kit likes
Dislikes Whatever Kit doesn't like
Powers and abilities Normal Pearlcatcher Abilities
Weapons Claws, magic, teeth
Ships None
Quote "Nope."

Lost In The Rock And Roll


On the thinner side of the scale, Faith is thin and lithe, with long arms and a narrow snout. Her primary scales are an iridescent leaf green, which darken slightly near the tail and legs. Faithful's wings and mane are a striped maize, with her hair occasionally being tied back. Her underscales are a deep aqua.


Got Lost In a Promise

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Of A Love I Never Know

[text here]

Shadows Chase Me Far From Home

[text here]

I Remember When My Heart Was Filled With Gold

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