hold onto your horses

i'm actually going to work on this 

Dragon Model
Background information
Creator DragonSage1331
Main Attribute Prejudice, Self-Importance
Elemental Attribute Gold
Theme Animal Donald Trump
Theme Color Gold, Cream, Red
Theme Song
MBTI Personality
Character information
Age Undisclosed, suspected to be in late thirties
Gender Female
Occupation Businessdragon, wealthy mafia boss
Tribe IceWings
Goal To dispose of all her many enemies, to gain power over all of Pyrrhia (and she's not picky about what she has to do to get it), to kill her daughter
Residence Which one? She has penthouses in every kingdom and a plush suite in the IceWing queen's own castle
Relatives Daughter-Steelheart
Allies Dragons who can help her get what she wants
Enemies Dragons who cross her, dragons who disagree with her, The Outcasts, The Chasten, R.E.V.O.L.T
Likes Getting her own way, being rich, disposing of her enemies
Dislikes Inferior dragons, pesky laws that limit her power, dragons who get in her way, disrespect
Powers and abilities Typical IceWing powers, extremely influential connections, master manipulator
Weapons Poisons, a handgun
Ships Needed
Quote "Why are we having a dragonet on the RainWing throne? Glory should step down and let someone more qualified take the reins."

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