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Background Info
Creator sleepy
Aliases Dual (shortened name)
Main Attribute blunt
Elemental Attribute copper
Theme Animal inigo montoya
Theme Color navy / teal
Theme Song jai paul - btstu (curse warning)
MBTI Personality
Character Info
Gender masculine female
Orientation gay abudi abuda
Occupation pirate; mostly as a lookout/manning the sails
Tribe nightwing
Goal support family ☑
enjoy herself / profit
Residence no definite, at sea
Relatives a large family at land
Allies her crew
Enemies rival ships
Likes the ocean
Powers and abilities typical nightwing abilites, no telepathy or precognition
Weapons can and would use anything avaliable if threatened
Ships Amaryllis
Quote "Hello. My name is Dualwielder. You killed my father. Prepare to die."



Dualwielder wouldn't be considered "pretty" by many dragons' standards; she's definitely not a slim, lithe ballroom dancer or porcelain swan maiden whose beauty is ever so praised in her era. Rugged and strongly built, Dual has seen the wrath of the sea and has wrestled the grasps of Charybdis. A myriad of scars strewn her body, though the majority of them are faded from age and hardly visible. The most prominent are the two thin gashes on her face -- healed now, of course -- one on each cheek. Her talons are calloused and arms toned from the storms she has weathered, and she is a relatively tall dragoness compared to some of the other members of her crew.

Other than being generally more muscular than the average non-seafaring dragon, Dual is what any other NightWing would look like. Her base scales are a murky teal as an atoll at gloaming is, with the rest of her body simply different hues of this colour. Her underscales are several shades lighter, with her horns and spines yet lighter. [see reference] Her eyes shine steely silver like a well-polished blade, often fixated on the horizon with a slight scowl on her face.

She lacks much jewelry, exceptions being her four gold and nacre cuff earrings, two on each ear, and gifts that were given to her. She believes that gold and of such precious metals have magical healing properties and good luck, as well as the property of improving eyesight. Apart from her miscellaneous adornments, Dual prefers to dress simply, usually donning on only a linen shirt, cotton waistcoat, and breeches.

Dual rarely ever carries over two weapons on her, for she is [very active] and extra weight would slow her movements down drastically (additionally, they would dig into her sides painfully). The cutlass was often the weapon of choice amongst pirates, and Dual does not differ from that mindset. Concealed in a leather sheath strapped against her waist is her favoured sabre, but she would use any other weapon without complaint.







Tools and Skillset




Dual do the this

yea boi

Dual do the that


Dual can do















- very superstitious

- two is her lucky number

- cranky and grumpy all the time, but means well

- enthusiastic and passionate, but not in a warm way

- loyal and very willing

- caring but to the degree of a guardian and not a parental figure

- will sacrifice herself for the sake of the crew if necessary


- nightwing that grew up close to the sea

- lived in a poor family

- always loved the water and swimming

- worked w/ knives a lot because she would often catch and gut fish for fam

- family needed more money so she became a sailor at a young age

- allured by the lifestyle and the loot of pirates and offered to be one

- sends money to her fam





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