"Who says you're not star poten - hey! I'm doing serious business here! Get out!!!"
-Dr. Mindreader when someone is bothering him in the middle of an experiment.

Dr. Mindreader
Background information
Creator Maple
Main Attribute Nerdiness
Elemental Attribute
Theme Animal
Theme Color
Theme Song
MBTI Personality
Character information
Age At least 45 years
Gender Male
Occupation Scientist
Tribe NightWings
Goal To find out super-amazing things about the dragons of Pyrrhia
Residence A lab in the NightWing section of the RainWings' rainforest
Relatives None, but there are rumors Princess Dolphin of the SeaWings (also an animus) is his distant ancestor
Allies The NightWings
Enemies Umm... he doesn't really have any enemies since he isn't on a war side anymore.
Likes Science!!! Yay, so obvious.
Dislikes He... doesn't really have dislikes. He pretty much likes everyone, even if they're trying to kill him?!?
Powers and abilities Mindreading, he may be an animus
Weapons NightWing poison fangs, claws
Ships None really...
Quote Flame: 'I'm a big nerd! Bow down to me!' says the great NightWing nerd!

Mindreader: *punches Flame* Now who's the great ninny?

Dr. Mindreader was born a normal NightWing in the NightWing part of the RainWing forest since multiple years since the old NightWing volcano's eruption was many, many years in the past.

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