Note: If you're here for drawing pictures of him, ignore the rubies. They're actually blue moonstones.

D a r k f i r e

Artist Forge
Background Information
Creator Forge
Theme Animal type here
Theme Color type here
Theme Song type here
MBTI Personality type here
Character Information
Age 8DY/15HY
Gender Male
Orientation type here
Occupation type here
Tribe NightWing
Goal type here
Residence type here
Relatives type here
Allies type here
Enemies type here
Likes Sardonix
Dislikes type here
Powers Future-sight
Weaknesses type here
Weapons type here
Ships type here
Quote type here



Darkfire is a small lithe purple dragonet, and, using Sunny as a scale, only stands about three or so feet taller.

  • Bullets cause I don't feel like formatting anything rn.
  • Dark purple scales
  • Black underbelly with purple highlighting
  • Small stature
  • Silver teardrop thingy -- Note: He's actually a future seer, not a mind reader. He just had that little thing set into his scales MAkes him feel importanT
  • Rich
  • Wears jewelry

He has small carved blue moonstones set into the scales above his eyes, and wears various earrings, but only in his left ear. He favors a light blue diamond shaped earring.

unlike most NightWings, Darkfire makes decisions based on feelings, not logic.

Maybe has a crush on Sardonix, who doesn't have a page yet. So have a pic of him instead.

Haven't decided if that's yes or a no yet.

Weeee have a quote "This is a totally awesome quote"



Song quote/Character Quote



Song quote/Character Quote



Song quote/Character Quote

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