This infobox takes up about 500 bytes more space than the standard wikia-table based, Custom Infobox that we've been using up to this point.

As the name suggests, this infobox is the html version, replacing all of the wikia-table code with its html equivalent.
What this means for us:
First: the table should not result in unwanted spaces between the table and following div statements (in theory... only moderate testing has been done... I will make no promises.)
Second: this infobox will show up and can be edited from Visual mode... no more needing to switch to source mode to edit the content (save for the design).
Third: this infobox can be used on websites other than Wikia, for the most part. As it is html, it should be able to be placed in any html code and still show up properly. The image will need to be changed to the html equivalent, but aside from that, it should work properly.

I hope this infobox will prove to be helpful

type name here
Dragon Model
Background Information
Creator type here
Main Attribute type here
Elemental Attribute type here
Theme Animal type here
Theme Color type here
Theme Song type here
MBTI Personality type here
Character Information
Age type here
Gender type here
Orientation type here
Occupation type here
Tribe type here
Goal type here
Residence type here
Relatives type here
Allies type here
Enemies type here
Likes type here
Dislikes type here
Powers and abilities type here
Weapons type here
Ships type here
Quote type here