Custom Comments
Original Creator Heliosanctus
Additional HelpCyinae

Here's for a special thanks to Cyinae c: Her test page on the wiki seemed to expand into the comments section. Because of her broken code, It is very possible to customize the region that the comments are in. Please feel free to use this concept in your pages.

It requires 3 unclosed div tags, an unclosed noinclude tag, and a {| or the start of a table.

The table is probably the key. It interrupts the html structure (though I can't figure out just how). Wikia's compiler would see the broken table and delete it, but the noinclude tag keeps the compiler from seeing it. 3 div statements are needed, and I think that it's because there are different sections in the html structure that the div statements nest or rearrange. It is best to just put the effects you want into the first one.

Please remember to not close any of these tags, and enjoy the custom comment coding

This will work on your message wall, but you must make sure all html tags above the ones for the custom comments are closed. If you don't, bad things might happen to your wall.


<div style="background: #fff; border: 3px solid #000; color: #000; padding: 5px; padding-bottom: 100px;">