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Background Information
Owner Kitagon
Element Life
Theme Animal Velociraptor
Theme Color
Sea Green
Theme Song Undecided
Character Information
Age 15.8 Years (25.8 Human Years)
Gender Female
Occupation Prehistoric Pyrrhia Raptor Supervisor; Paleontologist
Tribe SeaWings
Goal To work and annoy her boss
Residence Nomad
Relatives Undecided
Allies Erie
Enemies None
Likes Exploring, discovering, being right
Dislikes When something goes wrong
Powers and abilities Normal SeaWing Abilities
Weapons Claws, tail
Ships Brim
Quote "It's not a wren- it's a velociraptor!"

Charlie is a female SeaWing and the Raptor Supervisor at Prehistoric Pyrrhia.


Charlie's scales are a shade of deep green, with her back being covered in dark, stripe-like markings. Bright yellow photophores cover her body, with several dots below her soft, yellow-green eyes. Long, neatly curved horns emerge from her head, with a light olive crest running down her thin snout.

She is somewhat muscular, with broad green shoulders and strong limbs. Most dragons will find her in a torn leather vest, with a brown bandanna wrapped around her neck.




Bluestreak- Charlie is good friends with Blue, as they have very similar personalities. wip




Devil the Carnotaurus- Although Charlie is not one of her caretakers, this SeaWing has grown a strong liking for Devil, and constantly visits her to make sure that she is doing well.


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